UFC in Brazil: How to Include Royce Gracie and Do It Safely

T.P. Grant@@TP_GrantAnalyst IDecember 22, 2010

Ever sine the UFC has announced its 2011 event in Brazil, the internet has been buzzing with rumors that Royce Gracie will be included in the card. The MMA media has struggled to find a realistic match-up for Royce that would be worth the company's time. Many have pointed out what a terrible idea having Royce in another MMA fight is, after the beating Matt Hughes put on him.

These are very valid points. Royce is 44 and has not been involved in serious MMA training since the 1990s. Royce would likely be destroyed in a real modern MMA match, but he is one of the major figures in promotional history.

My idea is simple. Let go of the idea of Royce fighting in an MMA match. Pride FC 5 hosted Rickson, who had recently retired from Pride, with Rolyer Gracie presenting a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu demonstration and then having an exposition grappling match. Here is a video of it.

I think this would work wonderfully with Royce. Take ten minutes between fights and allow him to take the Octagon. Pair with maybe another Gracie, Rickson, Renzo or the UFC founder himself, Rorion Gracie. Another alternative is an accomplished grappler under UFC contract, like Demian Maia.

This wouldn't necessarily make great TV, but I think a building full of Brazilian MMA fans could enjoy a demonstration like this so it could be done off-air. 

This solution allows Royce to be apart of the UFC's grand return to Brazil and be seen along side the other great Brazilian fighters, since there is no threat of fans watching an aging legend getting beaten into a pulp.  Also, lets be honest. If we are to see Royce in the Octagon again, we all want to see him in a gi...