Philadelphia Eagles Receive Early Returns from '08 Draft

James SenbetaCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2008

The Known

DeSean Jackson (Round two, 49 overall) was thrust into the starting wideout role due to injuries to Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown. The 5’10” 175 lb receiver caught six passes for 106 yards, including the game opening 47 yard reception. Jackson has displayed veteran awareness for someone playing his first professional game.

The immediate reasoning of his drafting is his skills in the return game. Jackson contributed six punt returns for 97 yards, with a 60 yarder that could have gone all the way had he cut right against the punter towards the sideline instead of left into the middle of the field. Nevertheless Jackson has become an integral piece to the Eagles' success and a frontrunner for Rookie of the Year.

The Unknown

Quintin Demps (Round four, 117 overall) may have appeared less spectacular when compared to Jackson, but remains a big threat in the Eagles' special teams. The 5’11” 206 lb. free safety only had one out of the possible two kick returns in the game going for 15 yards.

His abilities as a special teamer were enhanced when he acrobatically helped Eagles' punter Saverio Rocca keep two punts from entering the end zone, forcing the Rams to start inside their own five yard line. The eventual Dawkins successor may find early career highlights as a Pro-Bowl special teamer.