What Is Stopping Samoa Joe from Going to WWE?

Stephan JohnsonContributor ISeptember 7, 2008

Samoa Joe is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Life at the top of the mountain must be nice. That is, it will be nice until his "hissy fits" won't get him what he wants anymore. Let's take a look back at how Samoa Joe won his title.

Samoa Joe won the World Heavyweight Title from Kurt Angle in a six sides of steel match.  He had a few prior chances, but did not gain the title due to management. After two failed attempts to capture the TNA World Heavyweight Title he began negotiations with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Following one month of negotiations, Samoa Joe was offered the World Heavyweight Title by TNA management in order to keep the huge star from jumping ship. He simply smirked and remarked, "It's about time."

What stopped him from leaving? TNA will only offer it to Christian Cage or Kevin Nash in order to keep their contract with TNA. I do believe that WWE has a harder schedule than that of TNA, but the pay for a WWE superstar is very reasonable. I honestly would not even be surprised to see Mick Foley hold the TNA World Title during his stay with TNA.

What could make him change his mind? How about WWE offering a negotiable contract, allowing him to have Indy matches and bookings?