A Hardy's Day's Night: Unforgiven 2008 Results

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A Hardy's Day's Night: Unforgiven 2008 Results

A mere three hours ago, I posted a quick write-up regarding tonight's Unforgiven show and my predictions for the card.  I did not get this pay-per-view, nor could I find a working stream in order to watch it.  Therefore, I have decided to give a quick recap of results and my thoughts on the near future of WWE programming.

Career: 6/8: .750

The first match of Unforgiven 2008 was the ECW Championship Scramble.  Matt Hardy emerged victorious as the new champion after pinning The Miz in Miz's own hometown.  I would expect the Hardy/Henry feud to continue, or maybe (but doubtful) a Team Extreme vs Miz/Morrison feud if Jeff wins the WWE Championship.

My Pick: Mark Henry
Winner: Matt Hardy—NEW ECW World Champion
Unforgiven 2008 Batting Average: 0/1: .000
Career: 6/9: .667

Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase retained their tag team belts in the second match of the evening, keeping my prediction average at a solid zero.

My Pick: Cryme Tyme
Winner: Rhodes/Dibiase
Unforgiven 2008 Batting Average: 0/2: .000
Career: 6/10: .600

The next match of the night was between Michaels and Jericho, which Shawn won by submission.  Even though I guessed this one correctly, I think the feud will continue (sadly).  The good news, however, is that Kevin Nash is rumored to be interested in "jumping ship," and I would not at all be surprised to see him brought in as a counter to Lance Cade.

My Pick: Shawn Michaels
Winner: Shawn Michaels
Unforgiven 2008 Batting Average: 1/3: .333
Career: 7/11: .636

The fourth match was the scramble match for the WWE Championship.  Triple H pins MVP to retain the title.  I suppose this is the most logical choice for whom would take the fall, as Hardy is insanely over, and Shelton holds a major title. 

Kendrick has been made to look like a super-heel as of late, so they want to make him look strong as well.  Triple H and Hardy both got pins simultaneously so Hardy looks very strong here, and it could possibly continue their feud (assuming they are actually in one).  I would love to see Triple H turn heel and use this against Hardy.  I can't really understand why this wasn't "the" main event.

My Pick: Triple H
Winner: Triple H
Unforgiven 2008 Batting Average: 2/4: .500
Career: 8/12: .667

In the "buffer" match between the two main events, Michelle McCool retained her Divas title.

My Pick: Michelle McCool
Winner: Michelle McCool
Unforgiven 2008 Batting Average: 3/5: .600
Career: 9/13: .692

The main event of the evening was the championship scramble match for Raw's top belt, the World Heavyweight Championship, held by CM Punk.  Prior to the Divas match, Punk was knocked out backstage. 

I am writing this while reading live coverage of the event, and it looks like they are really trying to come up with some interesting angles here.  With Punk out of the picture, we know there will be a new champion tonight.  Before the match, the Big Show comes to the ring to ask to be his replacement in the match. 

Here's where it gets confusing: Big Show is a Smackdown wrestler, yet is asking to be let into the Raw main event.  Vickie Guerrero hits the ring, Undertaker hits the video screen, and a casket is brough to the ring.  Undertaker tells Vickie to get into the casket, and Big Show agrees, laughing.  Call me crazy, but isn't this—as usual—in bad taste? 

I mean, I know it has been a while since Eddie (Guerrero) has died, but telling his widow to get into a casket probably isn't the most respectful angle possibility.

Unless... It's a setup! Big Show turns on the Undertaker and I'm not really sure what this has to do with Raw's main event, as that question is still unanswered.  However, Randy Orton is in the building...

The said question remains unanswered, possibly until the final entrance of the match for dramatic effect.  Will it be Punk?  Will it be Orton?  My prediction is so far true, surprisingly, as Kane gets the first three-count of the match.  CHRIS JERICHO turns out to be the answer, as he makes his way to the ring for his second high-profile match of the night. 

I really wish I could change my prediction, but to be fair, I am sticking with Kane, still.

In the mark-out moment of the night, Chris Jericho steals the World Heavyweight Championship.  Finally, we are saved. 

The question is, is Kane a two-time champion?  The other question is, where does WWE go from here? 

Unfortunately, the HBK/Jericho feud is not over, and it doesn't need the Raw brand's World Heavyweight title in order to be over with the crowd.  Or, in my case, not even the World Heavyweight strap can make me care about it, due to my lack of interest in Shawn Michaels. 

Punk will probably want revenge, which will set up a feud versus Randy Orton.  Basically, I have no idea what will happen with the rest of the wrestlers involved, which is a good sign because it will get people to watch Raw tomorrow.

My Pick: Kane
Unforgiven 2008 Batting Average: 3/6: .500
Career: 9/14: .643

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