WWE: 5 Reasons Why I'm Not Happy With Cena's Return To Raw

Alex RobinsonContributor IIDecember 22, 2010

WWE: 5 Reasons Why I’m Not Happy With Cena's Return To Raw

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    Hey there! Robbo here.

    I'd like to make it clear that yes I am a Cena hater but this is not Cena hate article. It is merely a list of things that i have noticed in the last few weeks that have annoyed me.

    It's been a while since my last article and it's quite late in the night so if it seems a bit long winded do forgive me.

1. He Had A Great Goodbye Speech

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    The night after Survivor Series, on Raw, John Cena made his goodbye speech after being fired by Wade Barrett for not awarding him the WWE heavyweight championship. On Monday night, he gave a heartfelt and emotional speech.


    Now this speech to me seemed extremely well done, he showed pure emotion, he had tears in his eyes, thanked people and talked about how much he loved the business and the fans and mentioned being able to go to his mum’s birthday. The night before, after the match, he went to the announce table, hugged Michael Cole of all people, then went in a circle around the WWE Universe to be with the fans. He even swore during his speech, calling out to Barrett that he didn’t care if got fined, Karma’s a bitch. You can’t do stuff like that in front of hundreds of kiddies!


    Unlike Chris Jericho, I didn’t see news of Cena’s contract plastered all over the internet so had no idea whether he would actually be taking a break or not, but this speech made me feel like he wanted to leave a lasting impression on the company so he wouldn’t be forgotten.  Of course, the next week, he popped up which basically made the whole speech pointless in my mind and ruined what I thought was a great promo.

2. He Hadn’t Left At All

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    Within a week, Cena was already showing up at house shows wearing a mask and going under the name Juan Cena. In the following weeks, Cena kept showing up and attacking members of Nexus without being stopped by security.


    Now aside from the disappointment of seeing him again and again after he’d been “fired”, I was also annoyed by how amazed the announce team were (well, maybe except CM Punk) every time he appeared. Despite the fact after he first attacked McGillicutty we all knew he’s was never going to leave, and yet every week, shock would emit from the commentary as Cena inevitably turned up again.


    And now that he’s returned, they keep banging on about how he’s back, how the real Cena was back. What exactly do they mean by the real Cena? Do they mean the Cena that wasn’t part of the Nexus? He was only a part of Nexus for 2 months and even then he hardly did things the way Barrett wanted him to. Do they mean the Cena that wasn’t hassled or attacked by Nexus? Nexus have been around for half a year and for most of that time Cena was running rampant all over Nexus, beating them at nearly every oppourtunity. That’s nothing new.


    Cena’s been the same as he always has, he’s always been there to fight the fight and he’s always shown up week after week even while he was fired. He never left, he never changed, he just got a bit unhappy with a bunch of heels. It’s nothing to jump out of your seats screaming for.

3. Other Stars Benefit From Him Not Being There

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    We all know that in some way or another, Cena is always in a championship match OR in the main event scene OR in one of the main storylines. That’s just one less place that lower placed wrestlers can fill in to try and help their careers.


    Last time Cena was majorly injured was when he injured his back and neck in the Summerslam match against Batista in 2008. Until his return at Survivor Series of the same year, 3 other people had won the World Heavyweight Championship (Raw’s main belt at the time) and even then, one was Batista who only held it for one day. The other two were CM Punk and Chris Jericho. Punk won his first World Heavyweight Championship and cemented himself as a main eventer from then on. Chris Jericho won his first world championship since returning in 2007 and his first world championship since beating The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night to become the first Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in 2001. Then, of course, Cena came back and held the title for the next three months, before losing it for a month, before winning it AGAIN.


    I thought that with Cena being fired, maybe there would be another push for a mid-carder, but now he’s back, say goodbye to that idea.

4. Cena Comes Back On Raw And The First Thing He Does Is……

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    ……….make fun of a fat woman. Seriously, the guy’s supposed to be a role model to kids and they see him ridicule a woman’s size on national TV? Maybe it’s just the supressed fat kid from my youth inside me that’s making me cause such a big deal out of this but imagine this:

    A kid just gets back from school, he’s fat and he’s constantly teased for it. The only place he finds solace is when he turns on Monday Night Raw, where they don’t judge him, and his favourite wrestler John Cena is going to be on after finally defeating Wade Barrett! Cena makes his way to the ring, he’s about to make a comeback speech, then Vickie Guerrero comes out, and the little kid laughs and boo’s along with the WWE Universe and then……Cena breaks out the fat jokes. The poor kid is devastated.


    Ok maybe I’m taking a probably-lesbian-but-just-a-bitch-mum-who-hates-television approach to this but that never stopped WWE from dumbing down their programming before.


    And also, “turd burglar”? Doesn’t that seem a bit anti-PG to you? I’m just sayin’.

5. Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane?

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    Yes, I’m bringing up the SuperCena bit. Believe me, Cena haters are as sick of bringing this up as Cena lovers are of hearing it. Mainly because nothing’s ever changed about it.

    But before Cena was “fired”, he was actually starting to look good when it came to putting people over; he made Justin Gabriel look great. And he was even putting pay to all the nay-sayers that said he couldn’t wrestle. In the past couple of months Cena’s put a lot of effort into expanding his move set. He’s been mat wrestling a lot more (since Legendary came out ironically) but since he’s come back, the superman gimmick has been starting to break through again.


    His first match after being re-hired was against David Otunga. He was blatantly going to win that. When’s the last time Otunga won a match? No I’m not counting the match he had on smackdown when he beat Edge because you can hardly call that a win. Was it the tag team titles match months ago? And even then it was Cena who did all the work and got the pin.


    But then he had his chair match against Barrett. Wade destroyed Cena at the TLC pay-per-view, but Cena just came back, did a few flashy moves and then beat Barrett after an attitude adjustment onto a row of chairs. Cena took countless chair shots during the match but still kicked out of every pin.


    The same thing happened with Dolph Ziggler. The man dominated during the match, cheated at times, but still lost. Even after the match when CM Punk hit him with the chair, he was back standing up within a few seconds just looking angry. Punk said he had beef with someone. I’d laugh if he was just attacked Cena because he knocked over Punk’s soda when slamming Heath Slater through the announce table.


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    Look, I know Cena's the face of the company. I know that they're going to play him up as much as possible. But I don't think his comeback was done very well when he never left at all and starts doing the same old crap that people hated him for before.

    If he had been a member of Nexus for more than two months AND had actually been hard done by them rather than leave a battle royale and fetch a few cups of coffee AND actually stayed away from WWE for a while then I would be more sympathetic but frankly, he didn't, so, I'm not.