WWE: Does It Really Need Triple H Anymore?

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIDecember 22, 2010

I have never been his biggest fan. I found that much of his early success came on the back of his backstage power rather than any notable skill. I did not like his DX character nor did I much like his role as a heel. I know there are many that do, and I may even be in the minority on this one, but I just do not like him.

That being said, I think he is a massive asset to the WWE. He is a marquee name that can instantly sell a PPV if given the right match or angle. Alongside Undertaker, he remains one of the last from a generation that came to prominence during the Attitude Era.

His abilities on the mic, are perhaps some of the best in wrestling today, and although I  don't always appreciate what he says, the confidence in which he says it, gets a great reaction from fans.

And this asks the question, why shouldn't he come back then?

The reason why I posed the question at all, is whether in this new era of youth driven wrestling, Triple H can actually have a role or feud anymore?

For sure, his return will focus on a rivalry with Sheamus initially and some even expect some involvement with Nexus and the Undertaker, but apart from this, where does the Game go after that?

Time begins to creep up on superstars very slowly. Anyone noticing the pictures of HHH recently at an event in Connecticut will notice his visible weight loss. The years of steroids and bodybuilding made him once a granite warrior, but as with all physiques, they soon begin to sag, bag and drag.

His age too is now on the wrong side of 40, and while this can in other organisations be considered relatively young, compared with Orton, Barrett or even Cena, makes him look visibly older and less in shape.

For sure, the Game can still bring much to the ring, and he has a role to play but I wonder whether with injuries mounting and a new young family, he might just be beginning to take a back seat. He will surely be involved backstage in a major way and even may be the GM, but the future in the ring is less certain.

The Rumble should be the moment that the Game returns, maybe in that shocking yet also predictable 30 spot? But with so many young guns now beginning to gain momentum, would the return of the King of Kings actually be a bad thing?

We all love to see our favourites even when they are beginning to slow down. The Game is by no means ready for retirement yet but I just wonder whether the WWE is building for a new golden generation, and if it is, does Triple H have a role anymore?

Multiple Champion, King of the Ring, Rumble Winner, involved in both Evolution and DX, heel and face, what more can he do?

If he is to return what role does the King of Kings have to play?