Noureen Dewulf: Here's Visual Proof Why Ryan Miller Wants To Marry Her

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistDecember 21, 2010

Noureen Dewulf: Here's Visual Proof Why Ryan Miller Wants To Marry Her

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    Noureen DeWulf, Hollywood actress. is now engaged to Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller.

    After news of the couple's engagement broke, there's been serious interest among web surfers eager to know more about this Miller's hottie fiance.

    Well, we've unearthed plenty of visual evidence as to why Ryan Miller is going ga-ga over his bride-to-be.

    Now it's time to share.  Let's get started.

Noureen DeWulf

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    Meet Noureen DeWulf.

    Don't be afraid, she won't bite.

    This Indian American beauty, clearly has the face of an angel.

Noureen DeWulf

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    This angel, definitely looks good in white.

    I wonder if she walks around the house in those heels?

Noureen DeWulf

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    Noureen's been cast in several Hollywood movies, such as The Back-Up Plan and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

    She's even been on television.

Noureen DeWulf

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    On TV, she's played the role of Judy Pasram in Hawthorne and has also guest starred on CW's 90210.

Noureen DeWulf

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    In 2007, Noureen as rightfully named on Maxim's Hot 100 list.

    Nice looking tattoo she's got there.  Can anyone translate?

Noureen DeWulf

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    The 26-year-old hottie was born in New York but grew up in Georgia.

Noureen Dewulf

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    And she also likes couches.

    DeWulf left her Georgia home as a teenager to attend Boston University.

    There she attended their School of the Arts.

Noureen DeWulf

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    She's got a pretty face, a cute smile and looks great all dressed up.

Noureen Dewulf

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    Come to think of it.  She looks great dressed up, dressed down or wearing a bikini.

    Good job, Ryan Miller.

Noureen Dewulf

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    Here's Noureen, just hanging out.

    Who wouldn't mind seeing her chilling around the house like that every single day?

Noureen Dewulf

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    After looking at her photos.  It should be no surprise why Ryan Miller proposed. 

    What else did he see in her?

    Let's speculate.

    No. 5: This is what she looks like before going to bed at night.

Noureen DeWulf

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    No.4: She Has Hot Friends

    What guy doesn't mind having a wife with hot girlfriends?

    That's Noureen sitting next to the brunette with the black swimsuit.

Noureen DeWulf

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    No. 3: She Doesn't Smoke

    But she's smokin' hot.

    That's a firecracker.  She's so hot, she probably just lit on fire by touching it.

Noureen DeWulf

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    No. 2: She Likes Women

    Some girls get catty with other girls.

    At least Noureen, is friendly with them.

    That's always a plus.

Noureen DeWulf

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    No. 1: She Doesn't Mind Doing Household Chores

    As you can see she's a master at handling the garden hose.

    That's definitely one special woman.

    The Sabres goaltender has found himself a keeper.