Panthers Stun San Diego 26-24 on Final Play

College Football FanaticCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2008

Jake Delhomme came back from his injury last year and handed the Chargers a stunner that they won't forget anytime soon.

As time expired, Delhomme found tight end Dante Rosario in the end zone on fourth down for a 14-yard touchdown as the Panthers shocked the Chargers 26-24. 

After Phillip Rivers rallied the Chargers back to a 24-19 lead with his third touchdown pass of the game with 2:27 left, Delhomme led the Panthers down the field.

He took them all the way to San Diego's 14-yard line with just 2 seconds to play. Delhomme dropped back on the final play, scrambled around and finally found Rosario in the end zone to give Carolina the lead and the win.

The Chargers seemingly had the game under wraps after the score with 2:27 to go, but Carolina just wouldn't give up.

San Diego made it to the AFC Championship Game last year and was a popular pick to win the Super Bowl this year. Carolina is coming off of a poor 7-9 season.