Eric Bischoff: Why The Uninformed Fans Want Him Out Of TNA

Jack WindhamAnalyst IDecember 21, 2010

Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff is a valuable asset.

Those that understand that there's more to professional wrestling than what you see on the television screen all agree. While he's actually valuable as an on-screen heel (very few can generate heat like he can), he does quite a bit of work backstage to help TNA grow into a bigger company.

One of the misconceptions that uninformed fans have is that Bischoff is running the creative department. If they see a story that they don't like, then they blindly blame him (or Vince Russo). The truth of the matter is that Bischoff is a consultant for the creative department. He is not in charge of it whatsoever.

What Bischoff is in charge of is business development.

One of the business development aspects that Bischoff has excelled at has been with production and expansion. With help from business partner Jason Hervey, Bischoff has managed to turn backstage segments into "must-see" TV. Ratings for ReACTION! aren't blowing people away, but many have called it the best show in wrestling.

Bischoff was also able to secure a third hour of television for TNA. That's something that's a lot more difficult than you would think. His track record combined with TNA's track record made it an easy choice for Spike executives.

There's more than meets the eye with Bischoff, so if you're one of those that want him out of TNA, then it might be time to open them wider.


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