Champ Needs to Realize that He Plays for the Broncos Before Calling Rivers Classless

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIDecember 29, 2007

The Denver Broncos, the prime NFL knee-divers, are one of the dirtiest teams in the league. 

These guys have taken guys out left and right by aiming for their opponents' knees and ankles. 

Chargers DT Jamal Williams was taken out from behind after a play was over by one of the dirty Broncos offensive lineman, and suffered a broken ankle. 

Just last season Broncos center Tom Nalen absolutely dove at Igor Olshansky's knee after the whistle blew.  Igor unleashed a flurry on Nalen's dome, and the league unleashed a flurry on Nalen's wallet to the tune of $25,000.

Now we've got Champ Bailey saying Rivers is not a great player in this league and not a respectable guy.  He went on to say that Rivers hasn't done enough in this league to talk this much trash. 

Bailey basically said that he used to like Rivers when the Broncos were kicking the Chargers rump, but now Rivers has snatched the shoe off Denver's foot and they don't like it. 

(Side note: John Elway needed Davis, Sharp, Mccaffrey, Smith, his offensive line, and a solid defense to win those Super Bowls—and those guys needed him.  They went 6-10 without Elway in 1999.  It is not a coincidence that LaDainian Tomlinson exploded last season when Marty Schottenheimer stopped handcuffing Philip Rivers.  Anyone who has seen this team with Billy Volek stepping in realizes that Rivers is NOT a backup QB in this league.)

So Champ thinks Rivers is a chump.  Yeah, dude? You play for the Broncos—you automatically don't have any class.  Would you rather have the Chargers shooting off their mouths or shooting through a gap trying to take out your knees? 

All that said, Rivers doesn't need to be on the sideline giving Jay Cutler a tongue lashing.  But I didn't hear Bailey saying anything when all-time great Denver WR Brandon Marshall said (when both the Chargers and Broncos were 5-5)...

"This is our division.  It's always been our division. It's time for us to take it back. San Diego, Kansas City, they don't have the talent like us in the locker room. They have star players but can't get it done like us." there any guess as to why the Chargers kicked the Broncos' butts on the field and dominated them with trash talk from the sideline?  I don't recall the Chargers blasting the Broncos after the game was over.  I just see that the Broncos young player wrote a check that the Broncos collective @$$ couldn't cash.

For a laugh, click the following link:

While watching tape of next week’s opponent, the Seattle Seahawks, members of the Denver Broncos offensive line sat drooling over the opposing team’s kneecaps as they fantasized about shattering them like so many dinner plates.