When Will Fedor Emelianenko Take on a Top Fighter?

Danny BurnhamCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2008

I would just like to go on record as saying I am sick of hearing about how Fedor is the greatest fighter in the world, or how he is the baddest man on the planet, or how he can slam a revolving door, or walk on water.

Sports is a "What have you done for me lately?" business, and don't anybody start with that "He beat Tim Sylvia" noise. I think that if I trained a little in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I would have half a chance against the Maine-iac myself.

Sylvia has lost three of his last four fights and hasn't won consecutive fights since 2006. Sure, he was ranked in the top 10 in the world, but good heavyweights in the sport are few and far between.

He beat Antonio Nogueira twice by decision, unable to put "Minotauro" away in either fight. Since the 12/31/04 matchup with Nog, Fedor hasn't really beaten anyone of any stature in the sport.

Tsuyoshi Kohsaka on 4/3/05 was 26-18, not exactly the best record. Then there was Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic on 8/28/05, who has now lost two of his last three and proved himself to be overrated when he came to the UFC.

On 12/31/05 he defeated Wagner Da Conceicao, who is 5-4. On 10/21/06 he defeated Mark Coleman, who is 15-8 and doesn't have many notable wins himself.

He handled Mark Hunt on 12/31/06, but Hunt has a meager record of 5-4. Matt Lindland was his next victim on 4/14/07. Lindland does have a record of 21-5, but was giving up over 30 pounds to Fedor.

And before beating Tim Syliva in his most recent fight, Fedor submitted Hong Man Choi in a fight that was little more than a freak show on 12/31/07.

Emelianenko may well be the best fighter on earth. He has beaten notable fighters in the past, but his record of late isn't much of a supporting argument.

Perhaps now that Randy Couture has returned to the UFC we can all see the fight that we've wanted to see for a long time. Or maybe we can see Fedor vs. Nog again, or Fedor vs. Frank Mir.

Until he fights (and beats) some names that are big in the sport right now, many people will still be skeptical of his status among the best in the business.