Celebrating Women: The 20 Best TNA and WWE Female Wrestling Talents Today

Leva LiesCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2011

Celebrating Women: The 20 Best TNA and WWE Female Wrestling Talents Today

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    The lists ranking the world's most attractive female wrestlers are very common here on Bleacher Report, so I decided to talk about the amount of talent we have in women's wrestling today.

    WWE and TNA have many great wrestlers on their rosters but the ones celebrated the most are the guys while the girls only get discussed as T'n'A.

    As one of BR's women's wrestling fans and a feminist writer, I think it's about time we highlighted the talent in wrestling today.

    Enough of the sexist slideshows, let's show some respect and take a look at the best of the best in mainstream women's wrestling today. And what better way to do that than ranking the top 20?!


20. Velvet Sky

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    Velvet Sky's claim to fame is being a member of The Beautiful People—an all-girl stable that terrorized the Knockout Division for years... until they turned face.

    Despite being booked as a pretty face instead of a wrestler, Velvet is an underrated wrestler and a damn good worker. She sells moves well and her brawling offense is also good.

    While she still comes off as sloppy in the ring occasionally, she is definitely in the top 20 female talents right now. TNA rarely book her to the best of her potential, which is a shame as she has a lot to give. 

    Plus, the girl can work a mic and is full of charisma, which in the world of pro wrestling holds a lot of importance.

19. Rosita

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    Rosita (aka Divina Fly) is one of TNA's newly acquired Knockouts, the other being, uh, Angelina from Jersey Shore.

    Needless to say, Sarita's "cousin" has a hell of a lot more talent than the Shore reject and her high-flying style sets her apart from the other ladies on the TNA roster.

    She has a beautiful moonsault and a great look. Don't let the barely five-foot frame fool you, because this girl can wrestle.

    At the same time, Rosita is very green, hence why she is placed towards the bottom of this list. With a bit more time and experience, she has the potential to be a huge part of the Knockout Division, just as she should be.

    Am I the only one who thinks she is Trish Stratus' long-lost Latina twin? 

18. Eve Torres

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    Eve is The Miz of WWE's Diva Division. She is pushed as one of the top faces because she works her butt off for the company, doing endless work to promote the company and its women.

    I don't blame WWE for giving her this role, as she is charismatic, a great talker and of course, gorgeous.

    On top of working outside of the ring, Eve works hard on progressing as a wrestler and that shows every time she steps in the ring. 

    Eve is dating a member of the Gracie family, so is heavily linked to Jiu-Jitsu. In her free time, she trains and her offense shows this.

    I think the Jiu-Jitsu training is one of the things that can help give Eve individuality as a wrestler. It gives her offense, as I said above, that special edge. Her move-set is constantly increasing, which is something that makes me a huge beliEVEr. 

    In the past year alone, Eve has gone from appearing unsure of herself in the ring to a visibly confident master of the squared circle.

    While Eve still has a long way to go, there is no reason to count her out yet. She is one of the most improved "Model Divas" the WWE has ever seen and her hard work has been rewarded twice in the form of the Divas Championship. 

    Her most recent win came unexpected and at an awkward time and I think she honestly deserved better than that. She could be one of the huge babyface Divas in the future and her constantly improving wrestling cements that.

17. Alicia Fox

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    Alicia Fox is a very, very underrated talent. 

    Last year, Fox was one of the top Divas as the holder of the Divas Championship. That all ended when Melina returned from an injury and was handed the belt, killing Alicia's push.

    She was left to fall to the bottom of the barrel, only seen during tag matches on Raw and matches on Superstars.

    Actually, it was her work on Superstars that left me impressed with Fox. She has put on very good matches with Melina, Eve and Natalya on the show and the longer match times has definitely benefited her.

    I think Alicia is at the top of "Model Diva" heap, to the point where I see her now as an actual wrestler. Plus, her selling is some of the best in the division.

    Alicia has improved so much since her ECW days and is one of the few girls that experiment heavily with their offense.

    That strange splits move on Natalya on Superstars a few weeks back, anyone? You have to see it to understand. 

    Alicia deserves a lot more time to wrestle, since she can actually do just that. 

16. Madison Rayne

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    The reigning Queen of TNA, Madison Rayne, ladies and gentlemen. 

    Since winning the Knockouts Championship in a controversial manner in 2010, Madison has just been rising further up the ranks. Her psycho you-know-what gimmick has really complemented her and her wrestling has improved a lot. 

    Madison has really impressed me as of late, much more than she did as part of The Beautiful People. Her scream-tastic promos are great and her whole Queen persona is simply entertaining. 

    Flying solo has been great for Madison Rayne, as she no longer has Angelina Love or Velvet Sky to overshadow her. She's been a good champion, and I hope she continues on this way.

15. Layla

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    Charisma? Check. Mic skills? Check. In-ring ability? Check!

    WWE's resident "English Muffin" Layla is one of the few WWE Divas who are truly all-rounded performers and she has been given the chance to show it over the past couple of years.

    Before LayCool formed, I'll admit, I had my doubts about Layla. I saw her as plain, average and just there.

    Her move to Smackdown and consequent alliance with Michelle McCool is seriously the best thing that could have happened to the career of Layla El. 

    This platform gave her the chance to show just how much personality she has and how much she has grown as a wrestler and mic worker.

    LayCool should have been an impossibly irritating gimmick, but Layla's overwhelming charisma made it entertaining and just fun.

    In the ring, Layla is another girl who I think is criminally underrated. Although she's been overshadowed by the ring work of Michelle, I see Layla at the top of the "Diva" pile.

    This pile also involves rising talents like Eve, Maryse and Alicia, so there is a bit of competition there.

    Before long, I see Layla catching up with the likes of Michelle, Natalya and Melina, simply because she just seems to get it. She looks comfortable in the ring, whether she's selling or on the offense.

    Her arsenal of moves is also constantly increasing, with her trying out top rope moves and using her Jiu-Jitsu training (much like Eve) all the time.

    Her finisher-the Layout neckbreaker—is also a great move and I appreciate the way she experiments different ways of executing the move.

    Her in-ring psychology is another thing to note. Layla is great at picking a body part and working it for the rest of the match.

    Layla is one of the top girls right now, and I would like it to stay that way once she splits from McCool.

14. Winter

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    In the past two years alone, I cannot even comprehend how much WWE has dropped the ball when it comes to female wrestlers.

    Jillian Hall, Mickie James, Victoria, Savannah, Serena Deeb and the woman above are just some of the names the WWE refused to utilize and/or let go. 

    As a part of the WWE, TNA's Winter was Katie Lea Burchill, the sister of Paul Burchill, a uh, pirate. 

    Katie Lea never really got to show off her wrestling skill and was mostly used to put over less talented girls like The Bella Twins. If taken seriously, she could've been a great staple in the Diva Division but alas, it was not meant to be.

    Unsurprisingly, Katie Lea made her way to the Impact Zone as soon as her three months ran out and became Winter.

    TNA introduced her as the stalker of Angelina Love with a creepy/supernatural gimmick. She plays the role very well and is convincing, which is all we can ask. 

    At TNA, I hope Katie Lea gets the chance to shine as Winter, something the WWE never gave her the chance to do. Most of the work I've seen of her comes from OVW, where she impressed the most. 

    She is a great wrestler, so I hope TNA lets her show it.

13. Naomi

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    The first of the two FCW Divas on this list, Naomi has been one of the women who prove constantly that you don't need to have wrestled for years on the Independent scene to become a wrestler.

    Her stunning athleticism wowed us all on NXT Season 3 and got her to second place. She uses her body extremely well in the ring and it is a big part of her impressive offense. She moves fluidly and confidently and shines every time she steps through those ropes.

    Watching her matches, would anyone believe that she's only been training since 2009? Which means during NXT, she had only been wrestling for a year.

    The fact that in a year, Naomi had already progressed further than many of the Divas on the main roster who had spent years in the company shows that this girl means business.

    Naomi is also very young, only 23 years of age. If at her age and with her level of experience she is already one of the best Divas we've seen in years, god only knows where Naomi will be in a few years.

    I just hope it's at the top of WWE's Diva Division.

12. AJ Lee

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    Don't let the size fool you; FCW's resident pocket-rocket AJ Lee knows how to work a ring.

    She first hit our screens last summer as part of NXT Season 3, where her charisma and high-flying in the ring got her over with the fans.

    Although she only made it to third place, I would not be surprised if AJ Lee does not find her way onto the main roster very soon.

    As an FCW Diva, she has put on numerous competitive matches with Naomi, Savannah, Courtney Taylor, Natalya and Serena, among others. Her hard work made her the only FCW Diva in history to hold both the FCW Women's Championship and the Queen of FCW crown.

    AJ's talent hasn't gone unnoticed, as Raw's Viper Randy Orton referred to her as the best wrestling rookie on NXT 3 when asked about the season. 

    She has a wrestling style that is unique to the usual Diva wrestling style. Her move set includes huracanranas, lucha-libre style arm drags, dropkicks, top rope moves and a wide range of lucha-libre/high-flying offense.

    She has a couple of great finishing moves in her arsenal too, like the Octopus Hold and a Sliced Bread No. 2.

    What's more is that AJ is one of the rare WWE Divas who came into the company with actual wrestling experience, including working for WSU. 

    Once she gets her chance to shine on the main roster, AJ Lee will be a force to be reckoned with.

11. Michelle McCool

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    Anybody who says Michelle McCool can't wrestle is lying to themselves. Michelle has worked her butt off for years to improve in the ring and has become one of the top wrestlers in the company. 

    Her heel turn a few years back brought out aggression and flair in McCool, and she was able to begin showing off a more hard-hitting style to the point where she had to change her finishing move because it was too aggressive for the Diva Division.

    Michelle's offense and psychology gets more impressive every time I see her. It's hard to believe she was once just a Diva Search girl because she has improved leaps and bounds more than any other.

    She might be married to The Undertaker, but that doesn't mean her push is based solely on that. Let's face it, Michelle is one of the inexperienced girls who came into WWE and legitimately wanted to improve. Which she did!

    Michelle is a hard worker and a great wrestler who does a good job of putting over other girls in the ring like Kelly Kelly and Maria. 

    She's one of the top women in mainstream wrestling today, so we might as well get used to it.

10. Daffney

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    Forget Daffney works for TNA? It's okay, so does the company itself.

    It is criminal how under-utilized the Scream Queen is at TNA. Daffney is one hell of a wrestler and has a great gimmick too.

    She should be pushed to the roof and allowed to run the Division alongside Madison, Mickie, Tara, Sarita and The Beautiful People. I don't understand why they don't use her anymore and it's unfortunate as she is a tremendous talent.

    As well as TNA, Daffney has worked for promotions like WCW, ROH and SHIMMER. She was briefly signed to a developmental deal with WWE in 2003 but was released quickly.

    The wonderful Scream Queen is a veteran of the wrestling business, having been part of it for over a decade.

    Throughout this time, her gothic gimmick has remained (for the most part) and sets her apart from the other women in wrestling.

9. Angelina Love

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    Angelina Love has been a major part of TNA's Knockout Division since the inception of the Beautiful People back in 2007.

    She played her heel role to perfection and was recognized as the top wrestling woman of the stable. Rightfully so, as Angelina is one of the best wrestlers the Division has ever had.

    She made her wrestling debut just over 10 years ago, working the Canadian independent circuit. She was briefly also signed to a WWE developmental contract but never reached the main roster.

    When TNA introduced the Knockout Division, Angelina, alongside women like ODB, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, placed the company several paces ahead of the WWE in the case of women's wrestling. Mostly for the fact that these women were actually wrestling.

    Love is a very skilled wrestler with an agile and impressive move-set. She works the ring well and does the same thing for the crowd.

    What more could you possibly want?

8. Melina

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    There was a time when WWE's Diva Division was Melina, Beth Phoenix and Mickie James. 

    Melina came onto our screens as part of MNM, a heel stable that also consisted of Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury.

    Melina led the group through strong heel promos and she was responsible for getting the two men over. The group's special entrance was a huge part of this as well and remains a part of Melina's character.

    Melina as a heel was a credit to the Diva Division. The Paparazzi Queen continually received reactions and could wrestle to back up her big talking.

    Her ring work has always been impressive and innovative. Melina utilizes her incredible flexibility in both her offense and her selling.

    When taking moves (like Natalya's Sharpshooter), her body bends and twists in terrifying ways. She uses this to her advantage against her opponents too, like her Sunset Split legdrop. 

    It's moves like this that keeps Melina as one of the top Divas in the Division and sets her apart from others. Melina uses her body so well, I cannot believe she has a skeleton sometimes! 

    Plus, when you get Bret Hart calling you the greatest wrestler in the world, you've got to be a little good.

7. Tara

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    The Knockout formerly known as Victoria has had an impressive career thus far. Tara has been a Women's Champion, a Knockouts Champion and an overall great all-round talent.

    She played her psycho-heel character from her WWE days to perfection and she does the same thing with her current TNA character.

    On top of this, she is a great wrestler who can work a match almost flawlessly. Her Widow's Peak is one of the best Diva finishing moves ever.

    Whatever company she's in, Victoria/Tara demands attention because she is simply a tremendous talent. 

6. Sarita

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    Muy Caliente!

    Sarita aka Sarah Stock on the Independent Circuit is another example of the fine talent TNA possesses. 

    Sarita is an aggressive yet agile wrestler with some great charisma. Lately, she has become a bigger part of TNA's Knockout Division, beginning with a rough feud with Velvet Sky and a tag team partner in the form of her "cousin" Rosita.

    Sarita has also wrestled for AAA and CMLL, which are two of the biggest Lucha promotions out there. She is also a member of the SHIMMER roster. Whilst in CMLL, she had several huge matches with WWE Diva Natalya.

    Over the years, the Muy Caliente Knockout has worked hard at improving in the ring and making her move set vaster. She wrestles a smooth lucha-libre type style that makes her a great competitor to watch in the ring.

5. Mickie James

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    Despite her poor treatment towards the end of her WWE run, Mickie James was a huge part of WWE's Diva Division for the few years she was part of it.

    From her days as Trish Stratus' stalker to her several Women's and Divas Championship reigns, Mickie became one of the best and most-loved Divas ever.

    At TNA, Mickie has the chance now to wrestle some of the best and continue solidifying her legacy as a top women's wrestler.

    If she wins the Knockouts Championship before Gail does the Divas Championship, she will make history by becoming the first women ever to hold all three of the mainstream women's wrestling titles. 

    Mickie's charisma and energy got us hooked from the very start and her undeniable wrestling ability keeps her at the top of the heap.

4. Beth Phoenix

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    The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix is a rarity when it comes to today's Divas. For starters, she came into  WWE with wrestling experience and she isn't rail-thin and typically model-looking. 

    Plus, she's a great wrestler!

    Like I mentioned in an earlier slide, Beth was one of the women who carried the Divas Division from 2007 and tried her best to put over girls like Ashley and Candice Michelle in the ring. 

    Her strength is another thing that sets her apart and makes her matches good to watch. The aggressive nature in her offense is basically Anti-Diva, which is great. 

    Beth is a superb wrestler and I am glad that WWE treats her as such. Beth has been Women's Champion numerous times and is one of the few ladies that receive legitimate pushes.

    Last year, she created history by taking part in the first ever Diva Tag Team Table match and took an incredible bump, showing off how hard a worker she truly is. 

3. Awesome Kong

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    Awesome Kong is quite simply awesome.

    She is a huge woman with a hard-hitting style that leaves you hoping her opponent makes it out of there alive.

    Her matches with Gail Kim and Christy Hemme just show how tough this woman is (and how tough Gail and Christy are) and shows that not all bigger wrestlers are green, stumbling giants.

    Speaking of which, that is exactly why Kong is so high up this list. Despite being larger than most wrestlers, Kong moves around the ring so well and never seems unsure of what she's doing.

    She has wrestled for SHIMMER, Japan, and TNA and naturally, her next stop is WWE.

    To see Kong do well in WWE would be amazing for me, as a big fan and for the Divas Division in general. I mean, who would go to the bathroom while Awesome Kong is around?!

    We are literally counting down the days to Kong's debut, where we hope she gets to feud with another strong, hard-hitter like Beth Phoenix or Natalya.

    What about another Gail/Kong feud? Oh my gosh, WWE, hurry up and debut this woman!

2. Natalya

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    "You better settle your tea kettle, mister, 'cause this whistle's about to blow!"

    Natalya Neidhart is one of the best wrestlers I've ever seen, male or female. 

    Her technical prowess, agility and general charisma wows me every time and it is a pleasure to watch her in the ring. Her Sharpshooter is one of the most over finishing moves in the WWE, and needless to say, she performs it to perfection.

    I don't think I've ever seen Nattie wrestle a bad match. She is solid through and through and owns the ring. Hey, it's in her blood!

    Being the only female graduate of the infamous Hart Dungeon, Natalya has a big name to live up to, and I believe she does so week in, week out. 

    She has the ring skills and the charisma to become a big name in the future, all WWE needs to do now is give her that big push to the top. And let her remain there!

1. Gail Kim

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    Who else could be No. 1 on this list?!

    For several years, the Asian Sensation has been a huge part of mainstream women's wrestling. She was a Women's Champion during her first run with the WWE and became the first ever TNA Knockout's Champion in 2007.

    Kim was a major player in the making of the Division, as she was one of the first ladies brought in to actually start it up. Her and Awesome Kong had an incredible feud and put on several great matches. It was at this point that TNA's Knockouts Division was shown as clearly ahead of WWE's Divas Division.

    She's no one-trick pony either. Gail offense includes high-flying, high octane action as well as superb technical wrestling.

    She complements the women she works with, as is seen in WWE today. Since her return in 2009, Gail has mostly been used as a "jobber" and has worked many good matches with uprising talent like Maryse and Alicia Fox, among others.

    Gail tops this list for being a constant great worker with an impressive move-set. She owns every wrestling ring she steps into and is never boring to watch.

    She deserves a hell of a lot better than WWE is giving her right now, and who knows what will happen when her contract runs out this year.

    I honestly hope WWE begin using her well and she decides to re-sign because the Division really needs talent like her.


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    So there you have it! The top 20 TNA and WWE female talents, according to Leva Lies.

    Do you agree with the list? Anybody I'm missing? What would your top 20 look like?

    - Leva Lies