"Excuse Me!": Vickie Guerrero Deserves More Respect Than What She Is Getting

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIDecember 21, 2010

When you think of the top heels in the WWE today, you would think of the Miz, Sheamus or Michael Cole. However none of those aforementioned people draw as much heat or crowd reaction like the widow of Eddie Guerrero, Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie knows very well how to work the crowd and she plays her heel part to perfection, drawing more boos from the audience than any other employee in the business. Her catchphrase “Excuse Me!” has become the instigator for a loud chorus of boos and jeers from the audience. She has made the WWE universe either hate her for her antics or appreciate her for her heel work.

However, just because she is a heel does not mean that the WWE should treat her like dirt. For those of you who did not see last night’s Raw, (spoiler alert) Vickie was degraded beyond belief for her weight and voice. It made me sick just watching it.

I, and many other IWC members, couldn’t believe how Vickie was being treated with the verbal insults of John Cena and Jerry “The King” Lawler. It was like she wasn’t even human, just an object to be subjected and to made fun of.

This isn’t the first time Vickie has been subjected to disrespect from the WWE. Ever since she started having a more prominent role in the WWE, she has been booked to whore around whoever was the flavor of the month, and she would help him to titles. She was booked to look like a opportunistic shrew who would do whatever she needed to in order to get her and her current boyfriend’s way.

Now, being booked like someone who is opportunistic isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Almost every heel is booked to be like that. However she is booked to take it to another level. She is booked to latch herself on to whoever is the next big thing, and she takes him to the title. Once again this wouldn’t be a terrible thing if she were anyone else. But she isn’t anyone else. She is Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie Guerrero was the faithful wife to the late great Eddie Guerrero. Yet, WWE is making her look like a whore on Smackdown. Her husband is dead and WWE seems to have no respect for that.

Realistically you don’t move on one year after a spouse’s death to becoming a slut, but that’s what WWE did anyways. WWE keeps booking her with less and less respect for her self-respect and dignity, going further and further each time.

Last night was the absolute peak of disrespect I have ever seen WWE take part in. We all know that Vickie may have a little extra weight, but to blatantly point it out made me lose almost all of my respect for the booking team.

The creative team needs to learn when too much is too much. I was appalled at how they keep making her go through utter humiliation every week. What is Eddie thinking as he’s looking down from heaven, watching the woman he loved going through this humiliation week in and week out?

WWE, I appeal to you. Please treat Vickie with some dignity and respect. She is a woman deserving of the respect and self-esteem you have selfishly taken away from her. Please WWE, treat Vickie Guerrero as if she is a human being, not just as an object to entertain us.