Play Calling Nearly Spoils The Jets' Season Opener

Jason WardCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2008

First and foremost, I like Eric Mangini and his coaching staff; however, the Jets' lack of preparedness and 4th quarter conservative play calling nearly cost them the win against the Miami Dolphins.

Mike Nugent, who was, apparently, slightly injured on a 1st quarter field goal attempt was unable to kick for the remainder of the half.  This forced the Jets to go for it on 4th and 13, which they were fortunate to score on due to some Favre improvisation and a bit of luck.

I understand if your kicker is hurt and can't kick the field goal, but to not have one player who can kick an extra point is ridiculous.  At the very least, the punter, Ben Graham, should have been sent out there to kick the extra point. 

It was pretty obvious that the Jets' coaching staff had not planned for that scenario.  That was made clear when CBS showed a shot of backup quarterback, Kellen Clemmens, practicing place-kicking under the direction of a hobbling Mike Nugent.

The biggest issue I had with the Jets coaching staff was their 4th quarter play calling.  I understand you have a 13 point lead, but that can quickly evaporate as was evidenced in Miami.

The Jets, for what it's worth, gave up on two drives at the end of the game.  If it wasn't for a good pass rush and a spectacular interception inside the end zone, the Jets could have lost this game 21-20. 

I understand this type of play calling with the Jets teams of old; however, with Brett Favre as your quarterback, as a coach, you have to allow him to make a throw.  One first down on either of those drives would probably have been enough to put the game out of reach.

They know Pennington isn't going to throw any 60-yard passes, so why give Chad a short field and play into his strengths?



Favre looked solid, a couple bad decisions but I am very impressed and thrilled he is my QB

Thomas Jones had some very nice runs.  Nice to see him score in the first game.  That must be a huge confidence boost.

Jets defense did an excellent job against the run and on 3rd downs.  Very nice to see.



Play Calling

Too many penalties.  Jets are usually one of the least penalized teams in the league.  Penalties were coming from seasoned veterans as well.  That must improve.

Receivers - Must adjust to Brett Favre.  These guys should be incredibly fired up to have a hall of fame QB throwing to them.  Both Coles and Cotchery both ran lazy routes on balls they could have caught, with the throw to Cotchery nearly resulting in an interception from his lack of speed on a cut.