Fernando Alonso Signs a Three-Year Deal with BMW

Ryan WoodAnalyst ISeptember 7, 2008

With all the current controversy going on with Lewis Hamilton, the FIA, and silly penalties, this piece of news has been overshadowed.

It's rumoured that Fernando Alonso has signed a three-year deal with BMW Sauber to join  the team in 2009. He will join Robert Kubica, with the hope that the team will keep up the current pace and development.

Is this a good pairing?

I think so. BMW are doing very well for themselves at the moment. The pace has fallen off a little over the season, but they have impressed, with a second place in the Belgium GP coming from Nick Heidfeld.

Where will Heidfeld go?

Maybe Honda or Renault. But, I really haven't a clue at the moment. There aren't many open places right now. I believe Nick is too good to be ousted into a back runner. He has shown real talents this season, and it's a real shame.