Penn State: In the Face of Adversity

Chris KellyCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2008

This has not been Penn State Football's year, or has it?  That is yet to be determined but one looking in from the outside would think that this season is a wash,and that it was over right around the time Outside the Lines aired their special on the troubled PSU football program.  The fallout from that resulted in the removal of defensive lineman Phil Taylor, and Chris Baker.  A couple weeks later and red shirt freshmen Devon Still went down with an injury.  All was fine until this past week when two more defensive lineman were suspended (Maurice Evans, and Abe Koroma).

Let's just say it looked bleak even against a average Oregon State team.  This could have been bad with the depleted defensive line.  Luckily for Penn State their starters stepped it up and did not let OSU run the ball at all.  Then their was the possibility that there would be lot's of pressure on newly anointed starter Daryl Clark, that was not the case.  Clark and the Penn State offense led 35-7 at the half and didn't look back.

Rumblings have already started among the Penn State faithful that this team is capable of being similar if not better than the 94' Penn State team that went undefeated and to the Rose Bowl.  The victory was tarnished a little bit when it was reported that defensive lineman Jerome Hayes will probably miss the season.

More drama for the Nittany Lions of Penn State as they await two drug tests and now lose another lineman in Hayes.  This team has a lot going against them but there is no reason to believe that they won't pull through with two tune up games against Syracuse, and Temple.

Coach Paterno even said that when asked if this team was similar to 94' that it was two early to tell as they have not faced a true test yet.  What better test that that of the depleted defensive line and the off field troubles.  This year can be a very special year if all goes in Penn State's favor the rest of the way.