Unforgiven 2008: Last-Minute Predictions

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Unforgiven 2008: Last-Minute Predictions

It's time, once again, for a WWE Pay-Per-View.  This month's show is "Unforgiven."  The card will feature five title matches and a non-title match.  Three of the matches are guaranteed to be twenty minutes long, which could be a great thing, or a terrible thing.

For starters, here is where I stand on my predictions:

Career: 6/8: .750

Not too shabby, because even though wrestling is a scripted sport, you can't always assume they are going to pick the most 'logical' choice.  Everyone gets a swerve, once in a while.

The first match on the card will most likely be the ECW Championship Scramble match.  While my match orders will not have anything to do with my 'batting average,' it's still an interesting prediction to make.  None of the scramble matches will be back-to-back, and with half of the card consisting of scramble matches, there aren't too many options for match order.

Expect Mark Henry to retain his title here.  I don't think Matt Hardy winning would do anything for their feud, and it would seem like an odd point in time to end it, considering their lack of a real match at SummerSlam.  Henry has been booked very strongly lately so one might think it's time for an underdog to rise up, but I don't think the timing is right.  I can't see any logical reasons for Chavo, Miz, or Finlay to win here.  If Miz did win, however, I would love to see a Morrison vs Miz feud.  John could turn on Miz, turning Miz face.  I'm not so sure I could see Miz as a champion, however, after Henry worked so hard to give the belt some prestige.  My pick: Mark Henry.

The next match on the card will be the tag team title match.  Despite the terrible title drop to and from Cena and Batista, Rhodes and Dibiase have held the belts for a while.  To my knowledge, Cryme Tyme has never held the tag team titles, and are incredibly over.  Based on this alone, my pick is: Cryme Tyme; new Tag Team Champions.

The next match is likely to be the World Heavyweight Championship scramble match.  Twenty minutes of Kane and Batista--a damn good reason to save your money this month.  While I love the scramble idea, I hate the combination here.  Expect this match to be in the midcard because Punk is a midcarder holding a main event title, and Raw is the B brand.  Even though Batista and Rey are always over, I just can't see this being placed higher on the card than HBK/Jericho or the Smackdown scramble.  Also, I just can't get into this match, despite being a fan of CM Punk.

I am going to go out on a limb here and pick Kane to be the winner of this match.  Kane has been boring me for the past few years but he does deserve a legitimate title reign, considering it has been over 10 years since his one-day WWE Championship reign (King of the Ring 1998).  Insiders say that Punk is due to drop the title and be re-pushed in order to be built back up to be a legitimate contender and champion.  My pick: Kane.

HBK/Jericho could be next, possibly.  Michaels bores me more than Batista and Kane combined, so I am unable to hold an interest in this feud.  My pick: Shawn Michaels (I think this might be the blow-off match).

The next match will be the Divas Championship match between Michelle McCool and Maryse.  I have not followed this feud at all, but McCool has not held the title for that long so I believe she will hold onto it for a bit longer.  My pick: Michelle McCool.

Despite being full of mid-carders, the Smackdown scramble will be the main event.  I have to say I love this lineup of Triple H defending against Jeff Hardy, United States Champion Shelton Benjamin, MVP, and The Brian Kendrick.  If Kendrick somehow wins this match, Internet fans around the world will truly 'mark out,' but I don't think it will happen.  Kendrick is getting a great push, a great gimmick, and delivers in all of his matches, but it is far too soon.  I cannot see MVP as a main eventer, YET.  This leaves us with Triple H, Jeff Hardy, and Shelton Benjamin.  First of all, I am happy to see that Shelton is in the main event, but I am also surprised because he wasn't even on the SummerSlam card.  He will NOT win this match because I don't think WWE would put TWO major championships around his waste.

It feels like a bit of a coin flip here, but I think Triple H will retain.  I will be pleasantly surprised if Jeff Hardy wins, but I won't like the fact that Triple H dropped the title as a face.  But, WWE has been doing the face vs face garbage for a year or so now, so it's expected.  Face vs face is great in moderation, but it seems like nearly all of the feuds are face vs face.  Triple H usually is such a major heel but a terrible face that he alone is probably what is making the scales unbalanced, so to speak.

Then again, Jeff Hardy could win this, to overcome H's "three strikes and it's game over" line.  Either way, this will be an awesome match.  I just hope Levescmahon won't bury these guys.  My pick: Triple H

Another month, another pay-per-view, and another set of predictions.  Be sure to check back in a few days for the results.

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