Jets come Flying into Miami

Justin SomeContributor ISeptember 7, 2008

What a week one match up. You have Brett Favre who signed with the Jets on August 7th, then you have Chad Pennington who was cut on that same day when Favre took his place.  On August 8th Pennington signed with the Jets AFC East rival Miami Dolphins. Today they meet in an NFL Kickoff Sunday, at Dolphin Stadium.

Today the Jets looked to rebound from last season going 4-12. Once Brett Favre stepped on the field he would immediately have an impact on the Jets offense.  On the Jets second drive Favre connected to Jerricho Cotchery for a fifty six yard touchdown pass which put the Jets up 7-0 with 8:53 left in the first quarter. However on a Jets attempted field goal Kicker Mike Nugent missed a thirty two yard field goal, but that wasn’t all. Immediately after the kick Mike Nugent felt some pain in his leg and was diagnosed with a bruised leg. On the Dolphins next drive Chad Pennington stepped up and went 5/5 to five different receivers and got the ball into the end zone to tie the game up. The fifth pass went to Anthony Fasano

Once again Brett Favre would have another impact for the Jets.  With 7:02 left in the 1st half the Jets had a 4th and 13 on the Dolphins twenty two yard line, Favre stepped out of the pocket and was trying to run out of the blitz from the Dolphins defensive line, broke out of a sack and threw the ball down to the end zone to Jets Wide receiver to Chansi Stuckey for the Touchdown.  The Jets would have no choice but to go for the two point conversion since Mike Nugent was still unable to go for the field goal. Unfortunately Favre and the Jets could not get the two points.  

In the third quarter there was only one score which was a touchdown from Brett Favre handing it off to running back Thomas Jones for six yards. That touchdown was Jones’s first of the year which matches the amount that he had last year. 

In the fourth quarter Chad Pennington was able to get the Dolphins in to the red zone, but because of bad play calling and poor communications Chad Pennington had to burn a timeout leaving the Dolphins with only one for the rest of the game. Later on Pennington had another chance and fulfilled it. Pennington on the twenty two yard line found David Martin in the end zone.  The Dolphins got the touchdown and the PAT and were only down by six points.

This game had an ending for the ages and it all came down to the final play of the game. Pennington had the ball threw down into the endzone to tightly covered Ted Ginn Jr. Ginn who was holding on to Jets Cornerback Reevis.

In my opinion i think both teams will have better seasons than they did last year. If Chad Pennington plays this season the way that he played today nhis confidence will only go up.