WWE: Please Do Not Book The Miz Like You Did Jack Swagger

wes burdenContributor IDecember 20, 2010

This is one of my few pleads to those who run WWE: DO NOT book The Miz like you did one of the last MITB winners, Jack Swagger.

I was truly excited for Swagger when he won his first championship. As it stands, he would go on to have a World Championship reign not remembered for outstanding victories but defined by numerous losses and poorly booked matches.

As I watched Raw tonight, I began to think that The Miz might find himself on the same end of this type of poor booking style.

He is the new WWE champion, so one thing that should mean is that he is not taking the pinfall loss in a six-man tag match. Not only that, but he was pinned by Jerry Lawler, an old veteran who works about five matches a year on TV.

If you want him to get the pinfall, then why not have Jerry pin Alex Riley? He seems to take all the losses for Miz already.

I just don't see how you can build a credible champion going into the stretch run of their PPVs by having him look weak on weekly television.

I understand you want to book him like he is the cheap heel who will do anything to get the win and keep his title. This type of booking will make people want to hate him more and pray for him to lose matches.

But if he continues to lose matches, then people won't need to beg for it to happen. They will just expect it to happen.

People in the so-called WWE Universe who actually care about building the next generation of superstars know The Miz is one of those marquee names they will have to bank on going into the future.

Now I know this is just one night, his title run is in its beginning stage and the Rumble is over a month away. Should WWE continue making Miz lose clean on TV heading into the coming weeks, his reign as title holder could come to an end sooner than I hope.

I just think this type of booking only does tremendous harm to title runs and The Miz does not deserve to be the next Jack Swagger. Let's hope The Miz starts finding awesome ways to win matches on a consistent basis.