Opinions: 8 October

Mordecai BrownerAnalyst IOctober 7, 2006



So we have this big long season where it's the Yankees and the Red Sox, and in the Central it's the White Sox and the Twins and the Tigers...The Twins were thundering, the White Sox were the reigning champs, the Red Sox are from Boston and the Yankees are the Yankees.  C'mon, be honest, who thought the Tigers were going to collapse before the ALCS?  Ha!  To the chagrin of ESPN and friends, it's the Tigers and the A's in the ALCS!  Oakland and Detroit.  Sexy, huh?  Could the sadist have scripted this any better for the obnoxious Yankee/Red Sox/White Sox fans?  Me thinkee not.  I love it.  That fantastic, amazing, star-studded American league has Jim Leyland's mini All-Stars and Billy Beane's Boys.
Does anyone else notice how the A's broke their "curse" of playoff advancement after bending the ol' Moneyball strategy a bit?  Hmmm...
And then, on the same day the Yankees are eliminated, both Auburn and Georgia go down, meaning the almighty, vaunted SEC now only has one undefeated team left, and they still have to play Auburn, Georgia, and Florida State!  Ha!  Meanwhile, the winner of that Louisville-West Virginia game is praying that USC goes down so they have something to gripe about.
It's not a foregone conclusion that OSU and Michigan will be undefeated when they meet, but no one else in the Big Ten is playing at their level: not Iowa, not Wisconsin, not Penn State.  If they both win out until the last week, the BCS committee's prayers rest on either USC or Florida going undefeated, or else there's gonna be some prob'ems, yes sirree.