Bleacher Report's NFL Power Rankings

Shaun AhmadSenior Analyst ISeptember 7, 2008

Before reading further, check to see if you fulfill the two requirements needed to participate in “Bleacher Report’s NFL Power Rankings”. 

First, you need to be an NFL Fan.

Second, you need to be a Bleacher Report writer. 

Assuming you meet the requirements, let’s get to it. 

Kristofer Green came up with a very interesting idea for college football fans. He called out to the Bleacher Report writers to participate in a weekly voting process to come up with Bleacher Report’s College Football Top 25 Poll, similar to that of the AP and Coaches polls.

I want to parlay that idea into the NFL, my sport of choice.

Following the conclusion of Week One of the NFL season, I'll ask for you writers to email me your ranking of the 32 NFL teams. I will tally the polls and come up with “Bleacher Report’s NFL Power Rankings” and publish it on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (to be determined) of each week. 

I think it will be great for our NFL community and would also bring in more viewers to Bleacher Report.

If you are interested, simply leave a comment below or leave me a message on my profile. I will contact each person individually with the email address to use, and we will get this thing up and running so that the first set of rankings are out following Week Two’s games. 

Let me know by this upcoming Friday (Sept. 12). 

I hope to hear from all of you. The more the merrier!