Buckeyes are playing possum

JokersWildContributor ISeptember 7, 2008

The Ohio State University is pulling a fast one a trick a con a sham their setting USC up and they don't even see it coming they are pulling the Ol'Trojan Horse trick on the Trojans.

They are going to come into southern Cal looking like a far inferior team like a high school team that just lost their favorite coach, It's a front and farce some good Ol' fashion trickery.

Chris Wells was faking it hes not hurt -why should he take a chance of getting injured playing interstate squads that have nothing to lose.

Tressel is a genius he using smoke and mirrors, pulling the wool over Ol' Petes eyes  it's shenanigans I tell ya !!

If any of you out there in football land honestly believe the same team you seen struggling against two interstate schools is the team that will be playing in Southern Cal you better wake up and smell the coffee.

The Buckeyes and Tressel will show up they will play the game of their lives they will leave it all on the field.

To all of the Buckeye fans out there don't doubt your team just remember in 2002 the 14-0 season the Buckeyes fell behind in games, won games in the fourth quarter and won games in overtime.

It's "Tressel Ball" you know the type of football that has you biting your fingernails sitting on the edge of your seat , Being on the verge of a heart attack its the same situation this season.

I have been waiting for the game with USC since the end of last season and so have the Buckeyes.

GO Buckeyes!