Kiffin Needs to Stay, Al Needs To Go.

Peter GallegosContributor ISeptember 7, 2008

Welcome to the next generation of Raider fan. The informed, the impassioned and the inevitable. The fan that sees through the most overrated QB ever, Tom Brady. The fan that can see Elway is the QB that spans the style of play, regardless of the team he played for. We know every specialty player from every team for Fantasy Football. We know that the coach is more important than four draft picks. And we know its time for Al to go.

This new generation has heard of the past and celebrated the mighty history of the Raiders.We have been refined in the fire of hardships and criticism. Our media outlets (both local and national) have abandoned and rejected true knowledgeable fans of Football and chased the large untapped casual market. Or in regards to my local media outlet something more sinister, settling for prejudiced and embittered reporting.

What does that have to do with Al and Kiffin. Well, Al Davis is no doubt top 5 most influential figures in the NFL. His exploits have held the hearts of many die-hard, old-school Raider fans. Legions of Silver and Black soldiers, mighty men. Who have held this Nation together to become the one true sport Nation.The Raider Nation. I am talking about men like my dad and other Raider fans who have bought and suffered through PSL's, L.A. and the 49ers temporary run in the sun.

Sadly, however, some of the original soldiers have followed the man instead of the Nation. We need the Raiders to be larger then Big Al and his aging ego. The Raider nation lends itself to increasing support and loyalty. Even with the mass hatred against the Silver and Black and the desperate attempts of oversight from the media, the Raiders still are an enticing option for young and passionate football fans.

That is why every year Big Al holds onto his obsolete theories of football and his tired under-minding of talented coaches, we become more of a fallen empire. The remains of a once great kingdom. There has to be a change and now is a good time to start. Do I mean let old Al to pasture? No, I simply / we simply want Al to let loose his grip. Let the coach's coach and the players play.

What better time than now. Lane Kiffin knows todays football and what he doesn't know he can easily learn. He understands the players motivation and he can see the success in a scheme or theory put to practice by even the Raiders most hated rivals. (see zone blocking scheme) We have a talented young backfield, who, if left to good coaching. Can carry the Raiders offence for the next decade.

In fact the whole team is relatively young. We are one linebacker short of perfection as the linebackers go. Our safeties are set. Our corners are elite. Yes, we need to work on the line by getting younger and stronger. But two good drafts and the Raiders are young and dominate again. Right where we belong at the top. Other team fans want us there even though they don't want us back there. The NFL needs us back at the top.

There needs to be the dark knight. There needs to be that familiar shadow once known throughout the NFL. Where there is no darkness the light cannot shine. We have been the only team in NFL history to have so much success and so little good will. But we are OK with it. This new generation relishes in the contempt like our predecessors. But we need to keep up the success to be relevant. We need to do our part.

So if we as fan's first reject the media's drudgery and then push Al out. By either not going to one game in protest or rather go to the games, hold up some signs ("Al's well, that end well" for example)and choose whats best for the Raider Nation. Al has done good things in the past. Let him stay there with them, this could be great, this could be Kiffin time.