WWE TLC Results: Tables, Ladders and Chairs Awards—The Best and Worst of the Night

Nick BolyardContributor IIIDecember 20, 2010

It's that time again!  Time for me to hand out pointless awards for last night's TLC pay-per-view.  

Let's get things kicked off with the first ever Golden Ladder Awards.

Most Pointless Segment

The Golden Ladder goes to (drum roll)...Cody Rhodes and Big Show.  The only thing good that came out of this segment was Big Show was dressed like Santa, which reminded me of Jingle All the Way.  

I honestly cannot figure out why this was even on the show. 

Pointless doesn't begin to describe this segment.  Cody Rhodes did get some shots in at the Big Show, but that's not too hard.  Then Rhodes was stripped to his underwear.  That's not very PG!  If anyone should be stripped to their underwear on TV it should be the divas...now that's something everyone can enjoy.  

I move that we petition for the return of the Bra and Panties Match!

Line of the Night

Ugh, this one is going to kill me, but I am giving it to stupid John Cena.  Something about saying "Hey, buddy" after knocking out Husky (which is what moms call their kids when they don't want to call them fat) Harris.  It amused me for whatever reason.  

I still hate Cena, but he gets the Golden Ladder.

WTF Moment of the Night

The winner of the Golden Ladder is LayCool and Natalya.  They can't even break a table.  LayCool was shoved on the turnbuckle and landed on the custom pink table and all it did was bend a little.  Then there was that awkward pause...NINJA TACTICS: JUMP OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!!   And that is what Natalya did.  Maybe one of the more humorous things I've seen in a divas match.  

Honestly, up until that point (disregarding them or anyone else in WWE not knowing how to set up a table *cough Miz*) I enjoyed the match.

Best Promo

This one goes to Edge.  His little promo on Del Rio was pretty good.  I enjoyed the entire segment.  He messed with Del Rio and Del Rio fired back.  

Usually, I find Del Rio incredibly boring and look for the mute button when he is talking.  This time, I thought he had good energy with Edge.  

HOLY S#!T Moment of the Night

Well, you'd think this one would go to Sheamus going through the ladder or Edge leaping from his to put Kane through a table, but no...I am giving it to Beth Phoenix's awkward landing outside the ring.  

I do not know how she doesn't have a broken neck.  She landed right on her head and neck.  Goes to show you: Beth Phoneix is one tough lady.  

Watching that landing makes me cringe. Yikes!

Worst Match

Well, Cena gets two awards on the night!  The Chairs Match with Wade Barrett was the worst of the night.  

First off, why is this garbage the main event?  It should have been mid-card at best.  They spent most of the match running away from each other and fighting over a single chair...like there weren't like 100 more around the ring.  

Wade Barrett looked like a little girl trying to move those steps.  I don't think I've ever seen someone struggle so hard to move those.  Just to set it up and predictably get thrown into them.  I did like the F-U (I refuse to call it the Attitude Adjustment) onto the chair.  That couldn't have been comfortable.  

The postmatch was even worse.  

There is your role model, kids, attacking someone from behind with a chair.  Then putting Barrett under the pallet and dropping the chairs on him was about pointless.  

Smart Move of the Night: Presented by LG, "LG: Life's Good"

No this doesn't go to the Miz not knowing how to set up a table; however, this does go to the Miz.  

During his WWE Championship Tables Match, Orton put Riley through a table.  After a Skull Crushing Finale, Miz did the old switcharoo, moving Orton into the broken table.  

Smart, right?  Well, the ref intially said Miz had won—upon further review, he reversed the decision.  Which would turn out to be pointless, as the Miz would throw his apprentice into Orton causing him to fall from the apron through a table.  

Miz takes home the Golden Ladder for Smart Move of the night.  

Match of the Night

Hands down this one is going to John Morrison and Sheamus in a No. 1 Contender Ladder Match.  Both stars did really well, and both took some big bumps.  

Morrison showed off his athleticism when he leapfrogged the ladder onto Sheamus.  Sheamus showed more brutality when he has toys to play with.  The spots of the match were Sheamus falling through the ladder and Morrison blocking Sheamus from tipping him and kicking him in the face.  IN THE FACE!  Morrison would climb up the ladder and become No. 1 contender.  

It'll be Miz and Morrison at Royal Rumble for sure, and I am willing to bet Orton will be in the mix, too. 

Overall, a pretty boring pay-per-view, in my opinion (good thing I didn't pay for it! (muahahahaha <<

Please give your constructive comments and your own awards.  Thanks for reading!


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