Tim Tebow Leads Florida Gators in the Fourth Quarter

Clayton CoffmanAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2008

Attention college football fans: Miami is quick to returning to its past form. Miami's young, talented defensive line absolutely manhandled the Gators offensive line. Did you see the halftime score? 9-3 Gators. For three quarters, The "U" was pressuring Tim Tebow and not giving up the big play.

What did LSU, Michigan, and Georgia prove last year against Florida? If you pressure the quarterback (Giants on Tom Brady too) things will go right.

But the Gators wouldn't stop fighting, especially with Tebow under center. The nation's top quarterback said he wanted to be better in the fourth-quarter and practiced to step up in the fourth. He did that tonight with two touchdown drives in the final quarter to pull the Gators away from the 'Canes.

With a bye week coming up for Florida, it'll be interesting to see what Urban Meyer has in store for Phil Fulmer and the Tennessee Volunteers in two weeks.