Why AJ Styles Should Be the Face of TNA

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst ISeptember 6, 2008

I have wanted to write this article for a while now and today I finally got the itch to write so here I go. When I turn over to Spike TV to watch Impact I know the highlight of the broadcast will be anything involving AJ Styles.

Last Thursday he had one of the best matches on Impact in a long time with Christian Cage. This makes me think that AJ should be the one holding the TNA World title not Samoa Joe.  I understand Joe is tremendously over right now, but I feel AJ Styles would have much more to over to the company if he had the title.

AJ and Joe are both very similar. The both can have great matches with just about everyone and both are fairly young. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I think AJ would be a better choice to be the face of TNA.

One reason is he has that "John Cena" feeling about him. "The John Cena quality" is when a superstar comes down to the ring and makes everything feel important. AJ Styles has that quality. Which is very something I don't feel from Joe. Maybe you do. His hellish face character never really clicked with me, and it still doesn’t. That is part of the problem.

AJ has the look and athletic skill to be the top guy in TNA. I will not argue Samoa Joe's ability to give TNA credibility, but  he done much with his "top guy" reign. I believe Styles could if given the chance.

AJ Styles has been to the top of the mountain before, but not since TNA premiered on Spike and I think TNA Management should let him have a run at the top.

AJ doesn’t even have to be the Champion to be the face of the company. I just think he should be the face of the company that he has worked so hard for the past six years. Just a thought. Maybe you disagree that is fine. Hope you enjoyed my point of view.