Lance Moore Catch Video: Is New Orleans Saints Receiver Inbounds for a TD?

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2010

Lance Moore showed immense concentration and athleticism in making a touchdown catch in the fourth quarter of the Saints' game against the Baltimore Ravens.

The catch was the third touchdown pass for Drew Brees and the first touchdown catch of the game for Lance Moore.

Moore's awesome play allowed the Saints to tie the game at 24-24 with under 12 minutes left in the game.

What most people first thought was clearly a catch that pulled Moore out of bounds, was called a touchdown by officials.

See for yourself, it's clearly a catch as show by this photo. 

It was the third touchdown catch in the last four games for Moore.  He has a total of seven touchdown catches this season.

The Saints are 10-3 this season and have won their last six games, heading in to today's matchup against the Ravens.

Baltimore headed into this game with a 9-4 record.  The Ravens have a 27-24 lead in the game with five minutes left in the fourth quarter.