Philadelphia Eagles: Nate Allen's Season Likely Over With Torn ACL

Bob CunninghamSenior Analyst IDecember 19, 2010

Nate Allen went to the ground and immediately began grabbing his knee without any contact in the second quarter. It's eerily similar to the way Brandon Graham tore his ACL, and actually the way most ligament tears happen.

By my guess, Allen suffered the same fate.

He was on the ground writhing in pain, the same way Graham was, and was carted off the field. He could not even get to the cart on his own power.

With Allen out, Kurt Coleman will take over at free safety. Special teams ace Colt Anderson and linebacker Keenan Clayton (when he returns from injury) will be the backups. Add that injury onto Graham's and Stewart Bradley's and you have a defense that is in complete disarray.

As it stands at halftime, the Eagles are facing a 24-3 deficit. Things don't look to be picking up on either side of the ball and this game is just about over.

No one is making a report on Allen as of right now, but I'd be willing to stake any reputation I have that a ligament, likely the ACL, in his knee is torn.

Happy Holidays, Eagles fans. It's going to be a long one.

UPDATE: Howard Eskin is reporting it's a torn patella tendon. That makes sense too, but my money is still on ACL.