Donovan McNabb's Last Dance with the Philadelphia Eagles?

C KSenior Analyst ISeptember 6, 2008

If you listen to anyone who knows and follows the Eagles, they will tell you how much they love Kevin Kolb. They love Kolb even more than they loved Donovan McNabb when he was just coming into the league.

But what does the Eagles' love for Kolb mean for McNabb?

Well, my inside connections have told me that the Eagles were actually planning to let go of Donovan this past offseason. They did not do so because things look like the team could go somewhere this season. So they held onto Donovan, not quite ready to move on.

The same source says that it is almost certain inside the organization that this is Donovan McNabb's last year with the Eagles since they decided not to let him go this offseason.

So you could say this is their last chance to bring something big home for the next few years until Kolb develops.

But let me go further into the love the Eagles have for Kevin Kolb.

I'll start off with this: the Eagles think of Kolb so highly that they look at him like Joe Montana. Of course they don't think he will be Montana, but they think he has so much potential that he compares to Montana and others.

They love the poise he has shown. They love his football knowledge even more. He has already shown how much he truly knows about the quarterback position and the game of football. He has also shown off his great arm strength.

Finally, the Eagles love the fact that in all the action he has been in in practice and the preseason, his receivers have not been dropping his passes. They say he throws very "catchable" balls.

So does all of this really spell the end for Donovan? I say yes.

The Eagles were supposedly done with Donovan last year, but changed their minds for this season because things look promising. But I do think the Eagles are done with McNabb after this season.

I say that because of the inside source I have, and because of all the rave for Kevin Kolb from the Eagles.

It is truly time to move on, and after this season Donovan may not be the only one to go. It's also almost certain that Brian Dawkins will not be with the team, either due to retirement or a lost roster spot. And the same will go for Jon Runyan, and maybe Tra Thomas.

Also, Brian Westbrook will not be able to continue what he is doing for much longer, so you will need another running back very soon. And while most of the defense is young, the safety position will be a big need this offseason, along with offensive-line and especially the wide receiver position.

That's why I think you will see at least three offensive lineman drafted by the Eagles this year, and at least one safety taken. You will also see a few wide receivers taken, and maybe a running back (but I think they will wait one more year to draft that running back).

It looks like this is the Eagles' last year before their rebuilding begins.

If all this happens, will it take long for this team to get back to form? I say no.

If Kolb can play like the Eagles think he will, and if they draft the right running back, offensive lineman, wide receivers, and safeties over the next few years to fill the shoes of those leaving, they will be a very good team within two years of the rebuilding year.

So Eagles fans, let's try and cherish this year as much as we can, as it may be our last year with a good team for a few years.