Triple-A The Right Remedy For The Blue Jays

Jack PorterCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2008

Cito Gaston is either a genius or a has enough luck he should quit baseball and move to Las Vegas. Which ever one it is it's working.

Both Jesse Litsch and Shaun Marcum started the year great but mid-way through the season they trailed off. Jesse was the first of the two to be optioned to AAA. Jesse was 8-7 and his ERA was climbing rapidly. Cito made a suprise move by sending him to AAA. “This is not the place that you work on things,” said manager Cito Gaston. “You have to work on them in the minor leagues and then come back.” Jesse did just that and he return to his normal self. Since being recalled Jesse has gone 3-1 and recorded a shutout against the Twins.

Now gamble number two. Shaun Marcum started to slip as well mid-way through the season.I was on hand for his final start before being demoted. Early in the game he gave up a long bomb to Boston's Dustin Pedroia and never recovered. The next day he was demoted.

He spent some time in Syracuse and made his come back debut on Sept. 6th and lasted 7 innings and threw a shutout against the leading Tampa Rays. So Cito now is a genius for letting pitchers work on their skills in the minors and the Blue Jays are back to having outstanding pitching.

Maybe Cito should let Alex Rios take a tour of duty in AAA, He could rekindle his bat and put up some numbers for the Jays. I don't know if it's the four hour bus rides that motivates them to play well, so they can return to the comfort of the bigs. Maybe it's the confidence they gain from being in a class below what ever it is it works.  

so if only the bats could come alive more often we could make and honest push. Well i guess all we can do is look to next year with a pitching staff boasting the likes of Roy (Doc) Halladay, a healthy Dustin McGowen, Shaun Marcum, Jesse Litsch and an outside chance of A.J. Burnett. The Blue Jays could be a threat in the A.L. East.