WWE Brewing Thoughts: CM Punk's Future and the Death of the Nexus Storyline

Josh BrewerCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2010

Just a couple hours ago, SmackDown came to a close with the Big Red Machine, Kane, returning to take out his frustrations upon Edge. Unfortunately for the World Heavyweight Champion, this Friday night ended with Edge spearing Kane to take serious momentum into Sunday's Fatal Fourway TLC Match at TLC.

Monday brought us another three-hour Raw extravaganza, headlined by the "re-hiring" of John Cena. Nexus leader Wade Barrett takes on Cena in a Chairs Match Sunday.

This week's edition of Brewing Thoughts starts where on the topic the IWC has been buzzing about since Monday night: Who exactly was CM Punk talking about during his Slammy acceptance speech?

And, more importantly, will it even matter?

Let's get right to it.

What Exactly is CM Punk's WWE Future?

Since being added to the Raw announce team a few weeks ago, CM Punk has brought an entirely new dimension to the sound of Monday nights. But will the Straight Edge Superstar's success keep him behind the mic for the future?

Internet reports state Vince McMahon is incredibly high on Punk as a commentator, so much so that Punk may be kept at the announce table in lieu of returning to the ring.

It is no secret that I am a huge CM Punk mark, and the news of a potential delay in Punk's return to the ring is as disheartening as pro wrestling news can be. Punk is one of the most gifted superstars on the WWE roster right now, and to keep him at the announcers' table is a waste of talent.

WWE is hurting for established stars right now, and keeping Punk out of the ring won't do anything to help that. Punk is a two-time former world champion, and plays a heel or face better than just about anyone on the roster.

Creative did a great job setting up Punk's in-ring return with the mysterious promo he cut Monday night. Hopefully, Vince McMahon won't kill this storyline before it starts.

Don't Rule the Dead Man Out of Atlanta Just Yet

Good news came out of Camp Undertaker this week, as the legendary Dead Man is said to be working harder than ever to rehab his surgically repaired shoulder in time for a WrestleMania return.

While WrestleMania is always a top-of-the-line event, it just wouldn't seem the same without the bone-chilling entrance by The Undertaker.

Will we see a new challenger to The Streak, or will it be an old foe who tries to make The Undertaker's WrestleMania record 18-1?

Only time will give us these answers. The most important question to ask is whether or not The Deadman can return to the ring by April 3.

The Nexus Will Unofficially Be Put To Rest Sunday Night

I'll admit it: When John Cena cut his "goodbye promo" the night after Survivor Series, I actually thought he was going to take some time away from the ring. After all, the guy hasn't had time off in forever.

Man, was I naive.

WWE threw away the firing storyline just as fast as they came up with it, "rehiring" Cena three weeks after his kayfabe firing without presenting an episode of Raw that didn't see the "fired" Cena appear on screen.

The Nexus storyline got off to such a hot start, and it had all the potential in the world. Wrestling fans of all sorts were buzzing about it. And ever since SummerSlam, the angle has produced one disappointment after another.

The final disappointment comes Sunday, when John Cena pummels Wade Barrett in their Chairs Match at TLC, effectively putting an end to the relevance of The Nexus.

Where will the group go after Cena conquers them all, as he said he would? Will they take on the fallen members of the group, once David Otunga is taken out of the faction?

The future is bleak for the group of former NXT competitors. After Sunday, there will be little for The Nexus to look forward to.

Shawn Michaels Signs Long-Term Deal With WWE

The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, came to us live (kind of) through the magic of YouTube earlier this week to announce his long-term deal with WWE.

This deal will make Shawn Michaels, effectively, a backstage talent. Michaels made mention many times that he would not be returning to the ring, nor would he be returning to any on-screen role with the company.

At least for now.

Multiple times during his video, Michaels made clear that we could not rule out the eventual on-screen return of The Showstopper. That screams one thing.

We will see Shawn Michaels on WWE programming again.

Bringing HBK back in an on-screen role will do nothing to hurt WWE. But a return to any semblance of a full-time schedule makes one wonder just why Michaels left his quiet family life—the one he so often mentioned when talking of his retirement this past April—behind once again.