WWE A Place for Second Chances

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst ISeptember 6, 2008

Recently, Ron "The Truth" Killings re-debuted in WWE on Smackdown as R-Truth. If you don't remember him he was once in the WWE as K-Kwik several years ago before going to TNA. After Killings split with TNA last December he set his eyes on WWE again.

Ron is not the only man to be given a second chance in the WWE. Both of the Hardy Boys were given a second run in the WWE and both have made good with it. Why does WWE give stars that they have released before return to their company?

If you have a name in the wrestling industry, and people will pay to see you, then Vince McMahon wants you performing for his company.

A perfect example is The Ultimate Warrior. Warrior was brought back in at least twice. Why? He made the company money. Obviously, he wasn't brought in for his wrestling ability or microphone skills. If Vince thinks you can make the company some money you have yourself a job.

Having Ron Killings back in the company was a great move by the WWE. Killings is entertaining, talented, and knows how to work the crowd.  

When someone is released it's because they have little left to offer the company, but if someday they see potential in that person there is no ruling out their return to the WWE. There are talks of Gail Kim, Christian, and even Kevin Nash coming back to the WWE. All three are former WWE talent that have left for TNA for a couple of years.

Another name WWE is in negotiations with is Joey Matthews (better known as Joey Mercury, from the heel stable MNM). He is a good example of a person who is getting a second chance. Joey was released last year for backstage problems along with drug use, and now we see WWE giving him another chance.

Vince knows that if they can offer something to the company then it was worth bringing them back. Jeff Hardy is another great example. He returned after being released for "alleged" drug use and now he is the most over guy in the WWE today and making WWE a lot of money.

It is that simple WWE gives second chances to people that have the potential to make a success out of themselves. This is something I hope "R-Truth" will be able to accomplish with his second chance.