Samoa Joe Re-signs With TNA: Was It a Good Decision For Samoa Joe?

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIDecember 17, 2010

Should Samoa Joe have re-signed with TNA?
Should Samoa Joe have re-signed with TNA?

According to and Dixie Carter’s Twitter account, Samoa Joe has been re-signed by TNA wrestling. Recently this year, TNA let his contract expire and Joe has had problems with the management, even being suspended for an angry outburst in August.

So was re-signing with TNA the right decision for the "Samoan Submission Machine"?

Joe hasn’t even sniffed a No. 1 contender’s match since February, let alone a title match. His last storyline in October has him jobbing to Jeff Jarrett, when we all know Samoa Joe could lay him out in 10 seconds without even breaking a sweat. The TNA management hasn’t seemed very high (actually they have, but not in this sense) on giving Samoa Joe a chance to be in the main event again.

It’s kind of like the MSG incident where Triple H broke the rules and was buried because of it. It’s kind of obvious that TNA isn’t giving Joe a shot because of his vocal displeasure at the way TNA is handling things.

Which brings the question back up why did Joe get a new contract with TNA?

No details on how long this contract is for have arose yet, which would’ve help answer some questions on if he is there permanently or just until he decides that he is through. I find it very surprising that he got a new contract, since it took two months for them to decide on a new contract, and the fact that he had wrestled in an Indy promotion called the International Wrestling Association in Puerto Rico, in which he lost to the IWA champion.

Samoa Joe had other options than to re-sign with TNA. He could’ve made an epic return to Ring of Honor. He used to wrestle for Ring of Honor and in fact holds the record for longest ROH World Championship reign with 21 months. The Ring of Honor crowd would’ve been happy to see him and he would be instantly inserted back into the ROH main event scene.

Another option for him would be to go to WWE. There was a number of articles that agreed with this idea since the WWE is pretty short right now in terms of main-event superstars, and Samoa Joe would’ve been a perfect fit in that role. We don’t know if the WWE actually tried to sign him, but it doesn’t matter now.

Whatever could’ve happened obviously didn’t and now Samoa Joe is back with TNA.

What will we see with the return of the "Samoan Submission Machine"? If TNA doesn’t in the near future give Joe the respect and main event matches that he deserves, then he might be persuaded to go to another company offering him more respect.

TNA needs Samoa Joe right now. TNA is on life support and they need to do something to keep themselves from folding. Samoa Joe, if used correctly, can help them rise out of the ashes and to finally be a credible wrestling company.

Ben Gartland