Donovan McNabb Benched by Mike Shanahan for Rex Grossman

Essence DashtarayContributor IDecember 17, 2010

Word just got out that Mike Shanahan has decided to start Rex Grossman at quarterback over Donovan McNabb, in Sunday’s big rivalry game vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, I know that McNabb is struggling through his worst season since he was a rookie, but what exactly has Rex Grossman done for the Redskins this season? Thrown an interception the minute he relieved McNabb in the final two minutes against our loss to Detroit?

According to sources, Redskins fans aren’t the only ones who are upset about this switch. Redskins’ players are not happy and extremely pissed, making statements that Kyle Shanahan, offensive coordinator, may be using McNabb as a scapegoat for his own faults. It seems as though this is a common theme among the Shanahan’s, as they always seem to place the blame on others like Haynesworth, Smith or McNabb, rather than stepping up and taking responsibility.

The disrespect that McNabb is getting from the Redskins could certainly affect his extension, as a clause allows Washington to cut ties with him after 2010. After his first benching, McNabb expected the Redskins to show “professionalism and communication”, if they planned on benching him and that clearly didn’t happen. After multiple controversies, it seems as though Grossman could be taking over for the rest of the season.

The coaching staff is already out of their mind for starting Grossman and may even be crazier if they pick him over McNabb for the rest of the season. Grossman certainly doesn’t have many teams shaking in their shoes. It’ll be interesting to see how Sunday’s game plays out and, until then, I’ll be praying for me and other Redskins fans out there.