R-Truth Rushed To Hospital and Laurinaitis' Fear Over Condition Of Superstars

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2010


News has recently broken that WWE Superstar R-Truth was rushed to hospital this past week, after he went into convulsions while travelling.

It has been reported that the RAW Superstar has a case of walking pneumonia and had been feeling sick over the past few weeks.

Several of the WWE Superstars who were travelling with R-Truth took him to the local hospital where they were informed that he could’ve died if he hadn’t been taken to hospital, as his brain was being starved of oxygen.

The former United States Champion is therefore lucky to be alive and will definitely be out of action for the next few weeks at least.

This story comes at a time when one of the WWE’s Executives, John Laurinaitis, who is in charge of Talent Relations, has been informed that many of the company’s top Superstars are working hurt or injured; if they do not get a break soon, then it is possible that more serious injuries will occur in the near future.