The 50 Best Sports Media Catch Phrases of All-Time

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2010

The 50 Best Sports Media Catch Phrases of All-Time

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    In order to be a successful part of the sports media it takes more than just a deep voice and good annunciation skills.

    It takes the ability to entertain without, for the most part, being seen.

    And believe me, that is no easy task.

    However, one way to do that is to coin a signature catch phrase.

    All the greats have one. It's what legends are made of.

    So let's take a look at the 50 greatest media catch phrases of all-time.

    Note: Just so the list wasn't overloaded with the same people, I decided on a limit of two catch phrases per person. (As a special exception, ESPN legend Chris Berman got three.)

50. Walt Frazier

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    Line: "Posting and toasting."

    For those of you who don't get to watch the Knicks much, let me just tell you that nobody writes better rhymes than Walt Frazier.

    Dr. Seuss got nothin' on him.

49. Keith Olbermann

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    Line: "From way downtown, BANG!"

    Olbermann may not be with ESPN anymore, but his line is still repeated to this day and will never die.

48. Rece Davis

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    Line: "That ball has just been voted off the island."

    What can I say, I'm a sucker for reality TV references.

47. Dave Niehaus

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    Line: "Get out the rye bread and mustard, grandma, it is grand salami time!"

    There is arguably no better time as an announcer to break out a catch phrase than on a grand slam. It is the one time to prove your creativity and craft and few proved it better than Dave Niehaus. 

46. Andres Cantor

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    Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that are the best. Never is that more apparent than with Cantor's "GOAL" call.

45. Dave Niehaus

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    Line: "Swung on and belted."

    What a classic. Dave Niehaus' call is one of the most recited in all of sports.

44. Walt Frazier

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    Line: "No hocus pocus, just focus by (insert player name) on that drive."

    I'm tellin' you, better than Dr. Seuss.

43. Bill Raftery

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    Line: "Dagger!"

     This is a line that any college basketball fan can appreciate.

42. Bill Raftery

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    Line: "THE KISS"

    A lot of people credit Digger Phelps with this classic line, but the real creator is in fact Raferty. 

41. Marv Albert

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    Line: "Oh! A Facial!"

    Chances are you've heard this line used before. So I'm here to credit the man who started it all, Marv Albert. 

40. John Mason

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    It's not often you see a PA guy making a list like this. Then again, it's not often you see a PA guy like John Mason.

39. Ernie Harwell

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    Line: "Called out for excessive window shopping."

    It doesn't get much more iconic than Ernie Harwell in the booth, and this is one of his most legendary lines. Automatic bid, much?

38. Jerry Coleman

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    Line: "Oh, doctor! You can hang a star on that one."

    There are few more creative ways to call a home run than this.

37. Bob Uecker

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    Line: "Juuuuuust a bit outside."

    One legendary cameo in Major League turned this one from just another line into a legendary phrase.

36. Duane Kuiper

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    Line: "He hits it HIGH, he hits it DEEP..."

    Not only was Duane Kuiper a great announcer, he was also the announcer for what many people believe to be the greatest baseball video game of all-time: MVP Baseball 2005.

35. Mike Krukow

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    Quote: "Grab some pine, meat."

    While were talking about Kuiper, why not bring up his equally popular partner in crime, Mike Krukow.

34. Brian Collins

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    Line: "Boom goes the dynamite!"

    This poor guy! When forced to fill in for an ill reporter, Collins got nervous and, well, screwed up big time. His blooper has become an internet sensation and is known especially for the use of his catch phrase: "Boom goes the dynamite!"

33. Craig Kilborn

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    Line: "Resourceful."

    Who knew one word could become such a great catch phrase? 

32. Tim Brando

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    Line: "The iron unkind."

    Tim Brando has sure been around the block. He knows how to put on a show and this line has helped him do that throughout his career.

31. Marv Albert

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    Line: "Yes, and it counts!"

    Thanks Marv. I wasn't sure if it counted.

30. Rece Davis

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    Line: "See the three. Be the three."

    You want to know how to become a great three-point shooter? Listen to Rece Davis, the guy knows what he's talking about.

29. Chris Berman

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    Line: "Rumblin' bumblin' stumblin'."

    There he is. You knew you weren't getting through this list without Chris Berman.

28. Digger Phelps

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    Line: "With the kiss..."

    I know, I know, I said earlier that this line belongs to Bill Raftery, but it's way too synonymous with Digger to be omitted.

27. Keith Olbermann

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    Line: "I can read his lips and he's not praying."

    This is one of the more humorous lines in SportsCenter history, no doubt.

26. Mel Allen

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    Line: "How about that!"

    There's no way you can have a list like this without the most legendary line from "The voice of the Yankees."

25. Harry Caray

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    Line: "It might be, it could be, it is... a home run!"

    Harry Caray hit a home run with this classic call.

24. Jon Miller

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    Line: "Adios, pelota!"

    Who needs an SAP button with Jon Miller!?

23. Lee Corso

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    Line: "Not so fast, my friend!"

    Is there anybody who doesn't like Lee Corso?

22. Ernie Harwell

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    Line: "He stood there like a house on the side of the road."

    There are few greater strikeout calls than this one by Ernie Harwell.

21. Stuart Scott

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    Line: "Boo-yah!"

    There's no way I could have left this line off the list. It's synonymous with arguably the most popular SportsCenter anchor of all-time, Stuart Scott.

20. Craig Kilborn

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    Line: "He eyes it. He tries it. He buys it."

    Nobody knows how to turn a simple few words into a catch phrase like Craig Kilborn. Nobody!

19. Dick Vitale

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    Line: "Are you serious?"

    For people who don't believe this belongs on the list, I have three words for you: Are you serious!?

18. Dave Johnson

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    Line: "And down the stretch they come."

    As much as most of us hate horse racing, we've all heard this line, so clearly it's special. 

17. Dick Vitale

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    Line: "Dipsy-doo Dunk-a-roo."

    Is anybody more connected to one sport than Dicky V with college basketball?

16. Kenny Mayne

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    Line: "I'm not sure what that pitch is, but it tastes like chicken."

    Find me a funnier sports anchor than Kenny Mayne, I dare you.

15. Al McGuire

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    Line: "That's tap city!"

    Al McGuire may be better known for his days as a coach, but he accomplished plenty as an announcer as well.

14. Phil Rizzuto

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    Line: "Holy cow!"

    These two words elevated Scooter from a good announcer to a great one.

13. Stuart Scott

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    Line: "As cool as the other side of the pillow."

    Nobody brings more craft to SportsCenter than Stuart Scott.

12. Kenny Mayne

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    Line: "Your puny ballparks are too small to contain my gargantuan blasts."

    Kenny Mayne gave his comedic touch to home runs on ESPN for years.

11. Keith Jackson

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    Line: "WHOA NELLY!"

    Keith Jackson's line may have been invented for sports, but chances are you've heard it somewhere else. It's amongst the most recited lines in America.

10. Chris Berman

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    Line: "HE COULD. GO. ALL. THE. WAY!"

    Is there a more iconic line in all of sports? I like to consider this the "You're killin' me Smalls!" of real life, because everybody knows what it means and everybody knows where it comes from.

9. Dan Patrick

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    Line: "NOTHING but the bottom of the net."

    This line is to basketball as Chris Berman's is to football. It doesn't matter how many times it's used, it never gets boring.

8. Dan Patrick

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    Line: "Dare I say, en fuego."

    You wanna know why Dan Patrick has been so successful in his career? I can answer that in two words: En fuego.

7. Chris Berman

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    Line: "Back back back back back, gone."

    Most people think that baseball players began using steroids to pad their home run stats, but if you ask me, they did it so they could hear Berman say this more.

6. John Sterling

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    Line: "Ballgame over. Yankees win. THEEEEEEE YANKEEEEEES WIN!"

    If there's a more well-known call that's personalized for one team, then I've never heard it.

5. John Sterling

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    Line: "It's an A-Bomb for A-Rod."

    John Sterling may be the most creative baseball personality when it comes to home run calls, and this is where he shines brightest. 

4. Gus Johnson

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    Line: "Buckets!"

    Gus Johnson, the man who started it all. "Buckets!" has become about as synonymous with basketball as Wilt Chamberlain with sex.

3. Keyshawn Johnson and Chris Carter

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    Line: "C'mon man!"

    This has quickly become one of the most popular phrases among sports fans, and for good reason. Keyshawn and Chris have really brought it to fruition.

2. Ken Harrelson

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    Line: "You can put it on the booooooard.... Yes."

    Greatest home run call of all time? Possibly.

1. Michael Buffer

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    Line: "Let's get readyyyyyy to rumbleeeee!"

    Were you expecting anything else? Michael Buffer's line can be heard nearly anywhere that a sport is being played. It's the greatest catch phrase in sports history. Period.