Mario Williams' Injury and What It Means To The Hoston Texans

Rick BrokawCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2010

Houston Texans DE Mario Williams
Houston Texans DE Mario WilliamsMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It was recently announced that Houston Texans DE Mario Williams will sit out the remainder of the season with an inflamed hernia. His absence, along with that of G Mike Brisel and WR David Anderson, could seal the fate of the beleaguered Texans. 

While many fans of Williams have been critical of his performance this year, he still ranks in the top third of all players for sacks in the NFL. Not to mention that he has continued to play with his current injury.

Add to the sacks the fact that he typically draws a double-team from offensive lines, and you get a picture of what type of impact player Williams truly is. 

While the losses of Mike Brisel and David Anderson may seem inconsequential, they only compound the brutal beating that the Texans have suffered this season. Coming off of a 9-7 season, but seeing it turn to a losing record (as it currently stands) really stings. 

Mario Williams's absence will be huge. Look for replacements Mark Anderson and Tim Jamison to be stonewalled for the remainder of the season as the Texans defense continues to go down in flames.