Worst of 2007: Innocent No More

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Worst of 2007: Innocent No More
http://blogs.nydailynews.com/iteam/archives/7es0mk4hsimm.JPGRemember when Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts finally overcame the New England Patriots and won the Super Bowl earlier this year?

How about when Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs hoisted their fourth NBA crown in nine seasons?

Or maybe when grizzled NHL veteran Rob Niedermayer led the Anaheim Ducks to their first Stanley Cup?

Hell, can you even remember when the Red Sox swept the Rockies to win the World Series just a few months ago?

Hard, isn’t it?

That brings us to the issue of the biggest sports story of the year.

It wasn’t the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal.

Nor was it the Mitchell Report.

No, it was what those scandals and the seemingly countless others mean in the big picture:

The complete and utter end of innocence in sports.

The days when we turned to sports to get away from the problems of the world are now over. The sports world IS problem these days.

Drugs, violence, grand juries—these used to be problems we only saw on the front page of the newspaper. Now, unfortunately, they're what we see all too often on the sports page.

This year has been by far the worst in recent memory for sports fans. From “Spygate” to Floyd Landis and everything in between, the storylines of 2007 have been the type the WWE could only wish they'd come up with.

Will all the scandals keep us from watching?

Of course not. We’re sports junkies. Watching sports is what we do.

But if this pattern of behavior keeps up, we just may find ourselves asking...

Is this sports, or Desperate Housewives?

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