BOS 8, TEX 1: Welcome back

Evan BrunellFeatured ColumnistSeptember 6, 2008

In Mike Lowell’s first at-bat after being on the disable list, Lowell smacked a solo-home run that would open the flood gates in Boston’s 8-1 rout of the Rangers.

Josh Beckett also returned for the Red Sox earning his 12th win of the season on five innings pitched and seven strikeouts.  He did not walk a batter and gave up just four hits.

Lowell finished with four RBI total in the contest, three hits and two runs.

Star of the Game:  Lowell

Now with Lowell back the defense is rock solid for now.  We need Youkilis back at first but Kotsay/Casey suffice for the time being.

Next Game: Stay hot and thanks Jays

If the Jays can continue to pick on the Rays and the Sox continue to swing their bats the division lead might be slim come Monday night at Fenway.