NFL Season Predictions

Kobina TaylorContributor ISeptember 5, 2008

The Season is Here!
I love the NFL, it is by far my favorite sports season.
After all these years of digesting games, analysis, and fantasy, I think I'm ready to make some season predictions.
I will revisit these at the end of the season and see how many I got.

Lets begin!

1. Brady and the Mannings will combine for at least 87 TDs this season (All purpose TDs, not just passing TDs)
2. Darren McFadden IS NOT the next AP, and will get 875 rushing yards tops
3. Wes Welker will catch 90+ balls again
4. So will Randy Moss....
5. ...and Torry "Grandpa" Holt
6. 360 touches is the ceiling for Brian Westbrook this year
7. Adrian Peterson will get at least 18 TDs...
8. ...and 1500 rushing yards...
9. ...and 34 catches
10. Jamarcus Russell will have more passing TDs than Jason Campbell
11. Matt Ryan will have more passing TDs than Matt Schaub
12. Oakland will go at least .500 in their division
13. So will New Orleans
14. At least 5 QBs will pass for at least 4,000 yds
15. At least 5 QBs will complete at least 65% of their passes
16. Antonio Cromartie will intercept at least 7 passes
17. Nate Burleson will have another 1,000yd season
18. Tony Romo will be good for another 30+ TDs
19. The Bears will not have a 3,200yd passer, a 1,000yd rusher, or a 1,000yd unfortunate
20. The Cowboys will not get more than 10 Pro Bowlers
21. The Ravens, Bears, and Lions will have multiple starting QBs this season.
22. The Mannings will combine for at least 7,250 passing yds
23. 20 players will hit the 850yd rushing mark
24. 32 players will hit the 800yd receiving mark
25. Jake Delhomme will make it to 3,000yds....somehow
26. Marvin Harrison WILL NOT make it to 1,000yds...
27. ...opening the door for Anthony Gonzalez to hit at least 875yds
28. Minnesota gets 40 sacks this year: Seattle will not
29. Aaron Rodgers will start for Green Bay....hit over 60% completion percentage but under 28 TDs.
30. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Minnesota will all be top 10 again in rushing: defensive and offensive
31. 1400yds rushing and receiving and 10 TDs: Reggie Bush will hit both targets
32. The Chargers will not be in the Super Bowl
33. Neither will the Packers
34. Or Steelers
35. Or Giants....
36. In fact, they won't even make it to the NFC Championship Game
37. Jericho Cotchery, fueled by his appreciation of a new strong-armed QB, will hit at least 1200yds and 8 TDs
38. His teammate Coles, bitter about Penningtons departure, will hit one of those marks, but not both.
39. Thomas Jones will surprise us all again with 1450 all purpose yds
40. Addai plays at least than 13 games
41. McNabb gets at least 26 TDs and 3575yds
42. AFC North Standings: Steelers, Browns, Bengals, Ravens
43. AFC South Standings: Colts, Texans, Jaguars, Titans
44. AFC West Standings: Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs
45. AFC East Standings: Patriots, Jets, Bills, Dolphins
46. NFC North Standings: Vikings, Packers, Lions, Bears
47. NFC South Standings: Saints, Bucs, Panthers, Falcons
48. NFC West Standings: Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams, 49ers
49. NFC East Standings: Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Redskins
50. Offensive ROY: Matt Ryan, the anti-Vick
51. Defensive ROY: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, the next shut down corner
52. Comeback Player: I have to pick 2 candidates: Jake Delhomme and Jeremy Shockey
53. Defensive POY: Jared Allen
54. Offensive POY: Adrian Peterson
55. MVP: A Manning, Tom Brady, or Adrian Peterson
56. T.O. will miss at least 2 games
57. Calvin Johnson will catch more TDs then Ocho Cinco
58. John Fox and Mike Nolan combine for 13 or less wins
59. Brad Childress and Sean Payton will combine for at least 18 wins
60. 3 teams will start 6-0
61. 2 Teams will start 0-4
62. The AFC South will be better than the NFC East
63. The AFC North will be worse than the NFC North
64. The Patriots and Colts will both win 12 games
65. Playoff surprises AFC: Raiders, Texans, or Jets will make the playoffs
66. Playoff surprises NFC: Cardinal, Rams or Eagles will make the playoffs
67. Ricky Williams will lead the Dolphins in rushing yards
68. Dolphins get at least 5 wins
69. Colts vs Patriots this season goes to overtime....believe it
70. I'll be correct on 63% of these (pleaase)


Until next time,