College Basketball: Here's December...Hurry Up, March

Thomas MorrisContributor IDecember 16, 2010

Saturday's highly anticipated debut of Kansas freshman guard Josh Selby has the parched patrons of Allen Field House in a confused state of mind.  The 11:00 AM tip-off vs. USC (hottest non-conference home game since Ashley Judd, er, Tubby Smith brought Kentucky in for a 73-46 beat down on a cold day in January 2006) has the consuming public dealing with an early Saturday AM duty to open The Wheel.

Josh and his mom weathered a TSA/NCAA approved full financial body scan from August until Thanksgiving (while being approved to attend class in September).  Josh has gained the confidence of his coaches and teammates at practice (We're talkin' 'bout practice!). Hopefully, Josh is as talented and poised as he was during the NCAA Inquisition. He may possibly help take the Jayhawks to the lofty heights of the Tournament beyond the month of March (no Northern Iowa jokes today).

Bill Self's solid roster will reach for the sky in March, and for the Holiday Season, the December #3 national ranking will suit the arrival of Josh Selby—clearly the hottest story in these parts since Mario Chalmer's 2008 "Shot Heard Round The World" down the street from The Alamo.

Allen Field House will be the usual hoppin' Rockin' and Chalkin' high decibel the week before Christmas.  Enjoy! This really could be a great story as the season progresses.