Is Al Michaels a Degenerate Gambler?

Mackenzie KraemerSenior Analyst ISeptember 5, 2008

Near the end of last night's Thursday Night Football telecast, Al Michaels made a very interesting comment with seven seconds to go. "Giants up nine, seven seconds left. The game is over, but some people are still watching pretty intensely."

Who would be watching pretty intensely? Fans who care about the outcome of the game already have their answer. Could he have meant fantasy football owners? Doubtful. After all, if you're watching the first game of the week, praying that Santana Moss can get you a touchdown, you should probably just go to bed.

The only plausible explanation for that quote (and it might not be entirely exact, considering I'm going straight by memory) is that he's talking to the sports bettors out there.

With the point spread set between three and five in the Giants' favor, depending where you looked, Michaels had to be referring to the possibility of a backdoor cover if Jason Campbell were to throw a last-second touchdown.

Giants and Redskins fans might not care, except for the final stats, but millions of sports bettors across the world sure did. With over $92 million bet on last year's Super Bowl, sports betting is the multi-million dollar industry that Roger Goodell tries to brush under the rug.

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