Pwny's Stable: My Thoughts on the WWE

My Little PwnyContributor IDecember 15, 2010


Hello Bleacher Report fans: My Little Pwny here to talk about the current things going on in the WWE.

Now, there are many good and bad things currently going on in the WWE, and I’m gonna try to talk about both

That’s enough chat chit, so saddle up pwnys!


The PG Era

Honestly, most people will point to this as the biggest problem with WWE Programming, and I have to disagree.

First, people talk about the lack of blood and chair shots to the head. The whole blood thing doesn’t bother me that much; only when they stop a match to deal with a cut and try to stop the bleeding, that’s when it irks me.

Don’t stop the momentum of a match for something that isn’t that big of a deal.

Second, the ban on chair shots to the head. I’m completely okay with this, simply because it protects the wrestler’s safety just a bit more.

Now you may be saying, “It’s wrestling, there should be violence! They know the risk they’re taking!”

My father is a police officer and he knows the risk he’s taking every time he goes to work, does that mean he wants there to be a shootout because he knows the risk going into that field of work? No, so the same goes for the WWE wrestlers.


This is where my real problem lies. It’s almost as if they don’t want push new stars they right way and it bothers me.

Let’s be honest, some Veterans do deserve some time with the belt (i.e. Kane), but that rule shouldn’t go for people like Triple H. I like Hunter, don’t get me wrong, but he’s starting to reach that age where he should be putting over people, like he did with Sheamus.

But when it’s guys like Big Show dismantling three guys, one who’s a former world champion, in a Handicapped match, it’s ridiculous. Is Big Show going to be getting a title run soon? Unless that’s the case, don’t be making somebody bury your future so much.

I get it, he’s big, seven feet tall, but pushes should come with meaning behind them, not just because.


Good God, the booking and creative are terrible these days.

I mean, the main event scene has become incredibly stale. If it’s not stale, it’s completely stupid.

Take Survivor Series for example: Did anybody even know that the main event for the event was for the WWE Championship? I could’ve sworn it was just about Cena and Nexus, which was SO promising when they debuted.

Now, it’s dwindled down to people like Husky Harris—side Nnote, I HATE him. Somebody had the grapefruits to say that he was similar to Samoa Joe...just no.

Anywho, back to Creative. Too much emphasis is being placed on things that don’t matter, such as the CeNexus storyline. It’s been the same old song and dance for a while.

John Cena

Yeah, he gets his own body paragraph.

Before I go on, I’d like to say that I was one of the people who wasn’t foolish enough to believe he was going to turn heel. 

As long as he’s selling merchandise, he never will. Now, my girlfriend has recently been asking me questions about wrestling, since we’ve been together for a while. She asks how it’s going, if Raw this week is good or bad, etc.

I told her about how he got the holy %^$& Moment of the Year, Superstar of the Year, and how he was re-hired.

She said, “Wow, it’s not like he’s superman or something” No, he’s SuperCena of course!

My point is that she is already disliking the fact that he wins almost all his matches, never loses cleanly, he's very stale and she doesn’t watch wrestling unless she’s with me.

If a non-WWE fan can be annoyed of John Cena, how do they expect us to not be annoyed of his character? This guy needs to change things up a bit or legitimately take time off so we don’t have to see him anymore.

I’m not hating on him, he’s actually a very good guy in my eyes and he does a lot for that company, but that doesn’t mean I want him on Raw three quarters of the time.


Well that’s the all the time I have for today, thank you for the read and only intelligent non-troll comments will be replied to by myself.

Till next time, thanks for stopping by Pwny’s Stable!