WWE: It's Not 1998 Anymore—Get Over It

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst ISeptember 5, 2008

Alright I'm writing this article in response to all of the "What Happened to Professional Wrestling?" articles out there. They say they hate wrestling today and miss the old days. So I'm writing this article to kind of wake them up to the realities of the "sports entertainment" world today. It is this simple. Things have changed.

You just can't get away with stuff on television anymore. McMahon knows that he has to play by the rules and that means he can't be as controversial as his programming once was. The real reason I think WWE has been playing "nice" is because of the whole steroids and wrestling thing that keeps getting reported all of the time.

Vince knows that if something happens on Raw and it causes a stir that it might turn into bad press. Bad press is bad for business and anything bad for business is bad for Vince.

So what does he do? He changed the way wrestling works. Instead of DX running around making penis references he has John Cena make poop jokes. Obviously WWE is now targeted towards younger viewers, which is good for business. We all know that and Vince is okay with that.

Wrestling in the late 1990s was a great time to be a fan. I was a little too young to appreciate it, but I loved it anyways. I understand older and more knowledgeable fans are not too pleased with the current product, but here is the thing. You either love or hate Pro Wrestling. There is no in between (in my mind). 

If you love wrestling regardless of how crappy the show is you watch it. Sure things are different from "The Austin Era" but wrestling is more entertainment now than sport. We are just going to have to accept that.

I agree it was better back then, but I'd much rather enjoy what there is to enjoy in the wrestling world today than bitch about how much better stuff was "back then." You can't live in the past or you will miss all the awesome stuff that is going on today.

Look at like this. If you don't like the industry how it is today just wait. In the next 10 years the wrestling industry will probably change direction again. Maybe it will be to your liking, or maybe not. Who really knows? All I'm saying is that you can't just live in the past and keep saying I miss the old days. That will get you nowhere.

Look around you. There is so much cool stuff going on in the WWE and TNA right now. For example. The Kendrick's push on Smackdown, the Jericho and HBK saga, and the return of "Double J" on Impact. So step out of the past and find out what your missing.

Sure it is no Austin/McMahon feud or HBK/Bret Hart, but it is enough for me to turn off the Television at the end of the program and say "at least they're trying."

Just set back and enjoy all of the insane ups and downs of the wrestling industry. Who knows sooner or later you may find yourself falling in love with it all over again and that is half the fun in it all. You never know what might happen next week in the wrestling world. You just have to step out of the past and soak it all in.