Nebraska vs. San Jose State College Football Preview

Wil Stillwell-EdlerCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2008

Well, the college football season is officially underway. There are some programs that haven't started their season yet, but for Husker fans, the season started the way it has for the past 23 years—with a solid victory.

It wasn't the prettiest, but it was very promising and very convincing.  Aside from two fourth quarter miscues by Joe Ganz, the Huskers had very little problems with the Western Michigan Broncos.

Now we turn our attention to the San Jose State Spartans.  They run the new-fad spread offense and are led by a recently promoted 3rd-String transfer from Cal, Kyle Reed.  The only thing that would appear to be challenging about San Jose State is... well, that they run the spread offense.

Last week the Cornhuskers gave up 342 passing yards. And while some of that is because they were behind the entire game and forced to play catchup to our amazingly explosive offense, it's still a little unsettling to watch Western Michigan players execute crossing route after crossing route to gain 10+ yards each time.

It's important to note that three of the four defensive backs that were on the field had never played before. So this week should be a lot better, but until they show that they have improved, I'd be a little anxious in the first one-and-a-half quarters of the game.

Enough about the defense, we've been talking about that all spring and fall, lets talk some offense. 

Basically, if the Huskers don't score 50 points, or close too it, then there's something wrong.  This offense is full of playmakers: Joe Ganz, Marlon Lucky, Nate Swift, Todd Peterson, Quentin Castille, etc.  I still go to sleep at night and wonder what last year might have been if Joe Ganz had been the full-time starter instead of Sam Keller. 

Ganz's mobility allows him to shine in ways that Keller could only have dreamed of.  Last week he had a run of 30 yards that brought back wonderful memories of the old days, with Solich, Osborne, and Devany, the wonderful option quarterbacks of Turner Gill, Tommie Frazier, Eric Crouch, Scott Frost, and so on. 

Don't let me get ahead of myself here, I'm not saying Joe Ganz is the next Eric Crouch.  For one he's a much better of a passer, and second, there's no way he'll ever do this ( to anyone.

To sum it up.  Nebraska is going to win by a lot.  "A lot" is will be determined by how much the secondary improves, because, while San Jose State isn't exactly USC in terms of talent, they still have people who can run the spread offense and put up some impressive numbers.  We can just hope that the only impressive numbers will be how little our defense gives up.

PS-For those San Jose State fans who can't believe I'm giving them no chance, please dont' take offense.  Anything can happen (Appalachian State anyone?).  But there's a reason that they're called "upsets".  So please know that I'm giving them a chance, but just not enough to talk about.