WWE TLC Preview: Why John Morrison Should Defeat Sheamus

wes burdenContributor IDecember 15, 2010

This Sunday, John Morrison and Sheamus will do battle in a ladders match at WWE's TLC pay per view. The rivalry between these two has been brewing since the night after Bragging Rights, when Morrison helped Santino defeat Sheamus. Ever since then, these two have been at each other's throats week in and week out.

Their first match was at Survivor Series, where Morrison defeated Sheamus clean with a spring kick that surprised everybody.

Fast forward to the King of the Ring episode and these two met again in the finals of the tournament. Although Morrison put up a valiant effort, Sheamus would go on to defeat him to become King of the Ring.

Since each one of these men have a victory over the other, it seems right to decide the final match in a ladders match where the winner earns a No. 1 contender match at this year's Royal Rumble.

Here are the reasons why I expect Morrison to come out victorious this Sunday.

First, when you think of ladder matches you expect the person with greater athletic skills to have a leg up on his opponent.

So which one would you say has the skills to compete in a ladder match? The obvious answer is Morrison.

Sheamus does not defeat wrestlers by the athletic ability he carries around with him. Sheamus' style is more of a power move set with clotheslines, kicks and power slams.

Morrison attacks his opponents with a very different style. He is more of a finesse wrestler (or entertainer) who uses his athleticism to defeat those who he faces in the ring.

When it comes down to it, the use of his athletic ability could make a huge difference in match like this.

Any experience in a match like this means something. That is why the previous ladder matches John has been in could help him win this Sunday.

How many ladder matches have we seen Sheamus compete in? That's right, the answer is none. Even though he is the Celtic Warrior, he does not know what it takes to be in this type of match.

On the other hand, Morrison has competed in two money in the bank ladder matches (WrestleMania 24 and Money in the Bank PPV) and also faced off against Jeff Hardy in a match for the IC Title.

Morrison more than held his own in each of these contests, proving he has what it takes to compete in ladder matches.

Although he has never won any of these matches, the experience gained from competing in previous ladder matches could make a huge difference against Sheamus.

The table is set for a WWE title match that would fresh for everyone to witness. If Morrison wins and the Miz would win, then we would get Morrison vs. The Miz. Everyone who watches wrestling already knows their history together.

Once a dominant tag team, both men decided to go their separate ways into a singles career. The Miz so far has proved to be the better half of the duo, becoming WWE champion before Morrison did.

This would be Morrison’s first WWE title match at a PPV and he would be more than ready to give Miz all that he could handle.

Here's to hoping Morrison wins the ladder match this Sunday!!