EPL Gameweek 17: Tracking The True Form Of Each Team

Ben RobersonContributor IOctober 12, 2016

EPL Gameweek 17: Tracking The True Form Of Each Team

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    Chelsea slip up again, Man United beat Arsenal and Bolton cost Big Sam his job at Blackburn. So let's see how this shakes up the form table.

    This is, in essence, ranking the teams in form. But I will be adding a bit of a change to it. Of course form is important, but the more recent results in this run outweigh the latter results.

    While it would be easy to just say W-W-D-D-L-L and tab up the points, I am going to account for the time since the result too.

    This shows up as a points coefficient (named to sound cool) which will be out of three. Essentially, based on the form from their past six games, this reflects the number of points per game they would be averaging. This will be put onto every page, also along with a the projected number of points for continuing this run of form. Finally, there is a projected table on the final slide.

    This will be updated every game week Tuesday (or Wednesday as it is today. Sorry about that) or, in the case of a midweek game, Friday. Thanks for the positive view count I had from last week. Hopefully I can improve on that this week.


20. Fulham [17th]

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    Last Week: 20th [0.47]

    Last Six Games: L-D-L-D-L-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.53

    Projected Points: 27

    Next Game: Liverpool (A)

    A draw with Sunderland was not enough to see Fulham climb from the bottom of this table, they now go to Anfield, where Roy Hodgson will meet with his former club for the first match since Athletico Madrid in the Europa League final. This team will be fired up to show Roy that they are doing well without him.

19. Everton [15th]

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    Last Week: 18th [0.64]

    Last Six Games: D-L-D-L-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.69

    Projected Points: 32

    Next Game: Man City (A)

    They got a draw out of Wigan, which keeps them out of the bottom three, but it doesn't make the gap any further away for them. They now have to go to Eastlands, where Man City await.

18. West Ham United [20th]

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    Last Week: 13th [1.00]

    Last Six Games: D-D-L-W-L-L

    Points Coefficient: 0.78

    Projected Points: 28

    Next Game: Blackburn (A)

    A loss to Man City might hurt them, but they have a chance at Blackburn. They have just lost their manager, so they need to pick their game up; can West Ham beat them to it?

T16. Wigan Athletic [18th]

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    Last Week: T14th [0.82]

    Last Six Games: D-W-L-L-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.93

    Projected Points: 36

    Next Game: Aston Villa (H)

    Wigan pulled out a draw against Everton, and now they host Aston Villa, who got a win themselves at the weekend, so this will be interesting to watch.

T16. Chelsea [4th]

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    Last Week: T14th [0.82]

    Last Six Games: W-L-L-D-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.93

    Projected Points: 51

    Next Game: Man United (H)

    I don't think anybody really anticipated this for Chelsea, not even after their first loss. They have to find something against Man United or they could be losing out on the title.

T14. Birmingham City [16th]

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    Last Week: 12th [1.22]

    Last Six Games: L-D-W-D-D-L

    Points Coefficient: 0.98

    Projected Points: 39

    Next Game: Newcastle (H)

    A loss to local rivals Wolves has not helped them out and they find themselves slipping back down to 16th after what was a neat little run. Newcastle are not going to be an easy opponent and it could be a tough game.

T14. Newcastle United [8th]

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    Last Week: 16th [0.69]

    Last Six Games: L-D-L-D-L-W

    Points Coefficient: 0.98

    Projected Points: 43

    Next Game: Birmingham (A)

    Some of the players will still feel that they have to perform to impress the new manager, Alan Pardew, but a win against Liverpool will not hurt their cause. They have to impress at St. Andrews and you must feel that Newcastle will come out to win this one.

13. Aston Villa [14th]

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    Last Week: 17th [0.67]

    Last Six Games: W-D-L-L-L-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.13

    Projected Points: 44

    Next Game: Wigan (A)

    A 2-1 win for Villa against their own midlands rival in West Brom sees them move up in the table, as they travel to Wigan in a vital game for Villa. After this, they face a month of tough opposition: Tottenham, Man City twice, Chelsea, Birmingham away and Man United. Of course then, Villa need the win here to hopefully survive through to February where the schedule will ease out.

12. Liverpool [9th]

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    Last Week: T8th [1.67]

    Last Six Games: D-L-W-L-W-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.18

    Projected Points: 47

    Next Game: Fulham (H)

    Roy welcomes his old team to Anfield this week as he hopes to bounce back from a loss at Newcastle. Before that though, they have a midweek game against Juventus tonight. It will be interesting to see how many first team players play midweek.

11. Wolverhampton Wanderers [19th]

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    Last Week: 19th [0.60]

    Last Six Games:  L-L-L-W-L-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.20

    Projected Points: 40

    Next Game: West Brom (A)

    It's the black country derby now, and Wolves are the team coming in hot after a win against other local rivals, Birmingham City. A win here might see them leave the bottom 3.


10. West Bromwich Albion [11th]

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    Last Week: 10th [1.40]

    Last Six Games: D-L-L-W-W-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.24

    Projected Points: 48

    Next Game: Wolves (H)

    Despite the loss, they move up the form table. However, they go into their second midlands derby on the back foot after a hard-fought 2-1 loss to Aston Villa.

9. Blackburn Rovers [13th]

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    Last Week: 5th [1.93]

    Last Six Games: W-L-W-L-W-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.40

    Projected Points: 50

    Next Game: West Ham (H)

    Two managers gone in two weeks, and now Blackburn have to recover. Unlike Newcastle, Blackburn are holding back on the manager search so it could be a rough transition for a while. A win here is vital.

8. Sunderland [7th]

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    Last Week: 7th [1.78]

    Last Six Games: D-W-D-L-W-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.49

    Projected Points: 55

    Next Game: Bolton (H)

    Sunderland were held at Fulham this week, and now they host a very strong Bolton side, so they are going to have to pull all the stops out to win.

7. Stoke City [12th]

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    Last Week: 6th [1.82]

    Last Six Games: W-W-W-D-D-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.58

    Projected Points: 54

    Next Game: Arsenal (A)

    A loss to Blackpool at home sees them fall. I look back and realise that I praise Stoke's home ground as a solid place to go to. Well they have to go to Arsenal and try and put this week behind them and come back against Fulham after Boxing Day and return the Britannia to the fortress I describe it as.

6. Blackpool [10th]

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    Last Week: 10th [1.47]

    Last Six Games: D-L-D-W-D-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.67

    Projected Points: 59

    Next Game: Tottenham (H)

    Blackpool really are the entertainers of the Premier league, but can they go into hosting Tottenham and pick up a huge win against the Champions League last 16 team?

5. Bolton Wanderers [6th]

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    Last Week: T8th [1.67]

    Last Six Games: D-W-W-D-L-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.82

    Projected Points: 64

    Next Game: Sunderland (A)

    If the other team equalises with less than 10 minutes to go, you don't mope around, you kick off and score another. That's how Bolton rolled last week, and now they are up in 6th, a point behind Spurs in 5th. Can they overtake them this week.

4. Arsenal [2nd]

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    Last Week: 2nd [2.13]

    Last Six Games: W-W-L-W-W-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.87

    Projected Points: 71

    Next Game: Stoke (H)

    Arsenal never really took control at Man United, and now they are back into second and Man United have a game in hand. They need to grind out a win against Stoke and get their season back on track.

3. Tottenham Hotspurs [5th]

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    Last Week: 4th [1.96]

    Last Six Games: D-W-W--W-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.93

    Projected Points: 68

    Next Game: Blackpool (A)

    Spurs have Gomes to thank and curse for the draw against Chelsea, weakly parrying the equaliser into the net, but saving a Drogba penalty. It will be a tricky and unpredictable match against Blackpool this week, so all that is left to see is if they can take the win and stay in the title hunt.

2. Manchester City [3rd]

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    Last Week: 3rd [2.02]

    Last Six Games: D-D-W-D-W-W

    Points Coefficient: 2.16

    Projected Points: 77

    Next Game: Everton (H)

    Man City are on a roll as they beat West Ham 3-1. They now host Everton on MNF where a win CAN see them top the table if Chelsea beat Man United and Arsenal slip up.

1. Manchester United [1st]

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    Last Week: 1st [2.33]

    Last Six Games: W-D-D-W-W-W

    Points Coefficient: 2.42

    Projected Points: 87

    Next Game: Chelsea (A)

    Of course, if Chelsea have to win, they have to beat the team that beat Arsenal to go on top in the first place. It was a good performance (barring the penalty) by Man United, and they have to think that with Chelsea's recent slump that this is a game they should win.

Projected Table (and Graph)

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    (note: All graphs and charts I may use from here on out will be found at: http://s130.photobucket.com/albums/p242/berober04/Bleacher%20Report/ Especially useful for larger sized files.)


    So, the trophy has gone, and has been replaced with a nice graph, showing the projected places over the last 6 weeks. But of course, we need to see this week's table, so here we go:

    1. Manchester United [1] - 87 =

    2. Manchester City [3] - 77 +1

    3. Arsenal [2] - 71 -1

    4. Tottenham [5] - 68 =

    5. Bolton Wanderers [6] - 64 +3

    6. Blackpool [10] - 59 +5

    7. Sunderland [7] - 55 -1

    8. Stoke City [12] - 54 -1

    9. Chelsea [4] - 51 +3

    10. Blackburn Rovers [13] - 50 -5

    11. West Bromwich Albion [11] - 48 -1

    12. Liverpool [9] - 47 -3

    13. Aston Villa [14] - 44 +4

    14. Newcastle United [8] - 43 =

    15. Wolverhampton Wanderers [19] - 40 +5

    16. Birmingham City [16] - 39 -3

    17. Wigan Athletic [18] - 36 -1

    18. Everton [15] - 32 =

    19. West Ham United [20] - 28 -4

    20. Fulham [17] - 27 -1


    There we go then, sorry for the late release, but enjoy this week's instalment.