Cam Newton Has Integrity, But People Who Jump To Conclusions Do Not

Nathan DealCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2010

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 11:  2010 Heisman Trophy candidate Cam Newton of the Auburn University Tigers speaks at a press conference at The New York Marriott Marquis on December 11, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Remember that old saying, "Takes one to know one?"

What the heck happened to that?

105 people left Auburn QB Cameron Jerrell Newton off of their Heisman ballots because this "Moral Minority" (what Kevin Scarbinsky called it) figured Cam Newton lacked integrity.

It would appear that way to somebody who has never met him or heard him speak a word.

All he does is showboat around on the field after the game. He dives into the end zone from seven yards out. His father asked MSU for money, but they declined, and Auburn was the highest bidder so Cam went there. He broke into somebody's house in the middle of the night and ran off with their laptop, shouting into the air, "I GOTS ME A LAPTOP, URBAN!" He cheated on tests at Florida (according to a source). He had 13 parking tickets, which can't be stressed enough by a certain group of people. He should be ineligible! The FBI will get 'em good!

How high is the level of idiocy and hypocrisy in these statements? Well, how big is Cowboys Stadium?

Let me start by contradicting all these statements.

1. All he does is showboat around the field after the game.

Wow, a college kid celebrates! If you insult him for doing this but oppose the new rule next year that will state a celebrating penalty will be a spot-foul and can wipe out a touchdown then you're a hypocrite.

Alabama faithful, do you like Cam running around Bryant-Denny Stadium's field with a hand over his mouth indicating, "I just shut you up!" after the game?

Tough. There's two things you could have done to prevent that—

Win the dang game. You had a 24-0 lead.

Not bring in signs like "Chizik Bought Success" and "For $200,000 this sign could have been GREAT."

It would also have been helpful to not boom over the speakers "Son of a Preacher Man" and "Take the Money and Run."

Sure, go ahead and say that was a rogue DJ. But the Tuscaloosa News reported the staff at Alabama knew about it and let one man take the fall for it while they kept their jobs.

2. He dives into the end zone from seven yards out.

What's he going to do, fall backwards?

3. His father asked Mississippi State for money, but they declined, and Auburn was the highest bidder so Cam went there.

A Mississippi State booster named Kenny Rogers brought up the subject of money FIRST when Cecil told him he thought Auburn was a better fit for his son, Cameron, and he got in a panic to get Cam to be a Bulldog.

In the end, no deal was ever made.

Cecil suggested then that Cam go to Auburn University.

To clear something up, Cecil made the decision for Cam's college because he was better at finding a fit and had gotten Cam out of a lot of situations.

Cecil had a bad feeling about Florida, but it was his son's choice.

Parking tickets, Cecil had to deal with.

Charges against Cam that would eventually be dropped, Cecil had to help him out with.

Cecil told Cam that he would decide what college Cam goes to.

Cecil got caught up in the moment after Kenny Rogers suggested money.

Cecil realized that this was wrong so he decided for Cam to go to Auburn.

Cecil got a "bad feeling" about Mississippi State like he did at Florida.

Hypocrites can't get it through their head, though, and you know if you are one.

4. He broke into somebody's house and stole a laptop.

No, he bought a stolen laptop from a fellow student and his attorney told him to throw the computer out of the window because the cops were coming.

NEWS FLASH—Cam Newton was a stupid kid at Florida!

You have to consider what it is about that university that causes kids to act this way. Cam is definitely not the only Gator to ever have legal troubles while in school.

5. He cheated on tests at Florida. He probably didn't, and if he did, it's none of our businesses.

Thayer Evans, the unqualified writer for who has a restraining order against his wife and was fired by the New York Times, used info by ONE UNNAMED SOURCE that said Cam faced expulsion at Florida.

The University said differently.

They said he never faced expulsion.

If he DID cheat, then Florida should get hammered, because it's a federal law that a school can't release grades to the public.

If he DIDN'T cheat, then you should feel ashamed of yourself for judging him.

6. Parking tickets! He did speed at Florida, but he was a stupid kid at Florida.

Don't look me in the eye and say that Kellen Moore and Andrew Luck haven't done something they regret during their lifetime.

We all have. Nobody's perfect.

7. He should be ineligible?—No he shouldn't.

The NCAA rulebook SPECIFICALLY reads, "It's a violation to receive or agree to receive improper benefits."

Was there an agreement? NO.

Did they receive benefits? NO.

Should Cam be ineligible? NO.

No rules have been violated. The NCAA should really try to close that loophole, though, so the solicitation of benefits is illegal.

But as it stands now, Cam is safe.

8. The FBI will get 'em good!

If by "em" you mean Mississippi State's corrupt booster system, then possibly.


So, what would suggest Cam doesn't have integrity?

Do you think he's a laptop-stealing, money-dealing, drug-smoking, test-cheating thug?

I guess it takes one to know one.