Bob Mantz & Jennifer Sterger: Hot Shots Part Two

bob mantz@bobsblitzSenior Writer ISeptember 4, 2008

Photo courtesy of Chad Martel
The first half of our interview with Jennifer Sterger brought over 20,000 eyes to the Blitz in just less than two days. We were lucky to work with Jennifer's Site Admin Roger - the man behind the scenes - to get the meeting together. He also provided the pictures and audio and more than we can mention right now (but wait - there will be more news soon...).
The Blitz hopes that the combo of both articles clears up, once and for all, web spread misconceptions about Sterger. But we know that it won't. Some will continue to write 3rd person accounts with no citations as fact. Boring web black belts bashing from behind a laptop.
Jenn counts the Blitz, Deadspin, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated as some of the websites that she reads every day - so we had to ask her all the controversial questions. And she balked at none of them. The Jets Gameday host was smart, funny, and...Anyone who is reading Dearly Devoted Dexter (my wife Wendy's and my favorite show as well) is not going to shy away from answering anything thrown at her. And today? 09/05/08 marks the 3 year anniversary of Musberger spotting her...
So, back to where we left off.

Bob's Blitz: OK, let’s clear up another one.

Jennifer Sterger: Sure…

BB: ESPN Radio. Erin Andrews. Suck it or 2nd?

JS: Laughter. Second! S-E-C-O-N-D. It's so stupid if you read the quote anywhere it makes absolutely no sense as 'Suck it' - it's not a coherent thought. I was misquoted. If you read through the transcript it is a total misquote. If you are going to go out of your way to transcribe something just get it right. That's all I'm asking. The guy in Tampa blew it out of proportion and then kept asking me to come back on and I said there is nothing to clarify except maybe you need a better microphone.

BB: Is there audio of this?

JS: Oh yeah, there is audio. I actually have audio that is slowed down three times so it is extremely evident that it is 'second'. I was speaking off points. I said 'first' I am on the internet [compared to Erin at the time being on TV], then I said 'second' while the hosts were talking over me. Bad microphones, bad audio, and just someone looking for extra publicity and wanting to drag my name through the mud. If you want to get hits that way then by all means go for it.

The Blitz has the transcript and the slowed down audio. Oliver Stone JFK like...Audio here.

Not on this audio: Jenn: "It's so funny, people compare me and they are just like "Well she is no Erin Andrews" and I'm like..."

Slowed down Audio starts there: "Well, number one, I'm on the computer..." Host #1: makes catty noise interrupting her between her saying 'number one' and 'computer'...Jenn: "Second.." Hosts 1&2: Laughing and starting to say "Here come the claws as Jenn repeats "Second.."

So that's all cleared up now.

JS: I have people like Roger and my family who keep an eye on the internet and we try to stop people from slandering me. But I know how the internet works and...People just tag things to get hits. I'm just so glad that you took the time to listen to my answers and print the truth. People always want the juicy answers and really sometimes my life is just not all that interesting. People trying to start drama.

BB: The New England Patriots. Suck or first again?

JS: Laughter. Depends on Brady's ankle. He's the workhorse and what he and Belicheck are able to do. Especially with a few strategically placed cameras. I'm thinking of maybe a really cool outfit for the game on September 14th to counteract any cameras. It can be StergGate.

BB: Speaking of cameras. When is your movie The Tenant starring Saw 3 and 4's J. LaRose coming out?

Photo courtesy of The Tenant Movie

JS: It was a blast to work on as we filmed in Orlando. The Tenant is supposed to come out at the end of the year as part of the Horrorfest. I am not even a huge fan of scary movies so it was fun to see how it was shot so I was like can you guys just send me a clip of my scene - blood, guts, and gore are just not my thing. The director, Ric La Monte, pulled out one of the fake heads and it scared the life out of me. I was ready to cry. I said please don't do that. After my scene I could not get the blood off my hands. So I had to drive home to Tampa with blood all over my hands just hoping I didn't get pulled over. That would not be easy to explain to a policeman as I handed him my license.

BB: And Erin Andrews had been missing for 3 or 4 days?

JS: Laughs. Exactly.

BB: We've heard that Andrews takes 36 hours to get hair and makeup done prior to a game. How long does it take you and who does it?

JS: Only at Wrigley right? I do my own hair, makeup, and wardrobe. I always have fun with my wardrobe. I want to do something different. If it is a customized outfit - that can take up to two weeks. As for actual gameday - I change in the locker room with The Flight Crew so when you have that many women in one room you want to get in and out as quickly as possible. I arrive at the meadowlands with minimal makeup on and try to have my hair half way done so it usually takes me an hour to get ready. You have a deadline and they are not going to wait for you so you cannot take hours and hours.

BB: So you're not going to be a scream queen as you don't like the horror flicks - what's your favorite movie and TV show?

JS: I like quotable movies. I absolutely love to laugh. I like a lot of what Judd Apatow is coming out with. But old school like what my parents raised me on? Back to the Future - fun light hearted movies. I don't watch movies that are going to make me cry or not sleep at night. But conversely I absolutely love the show Dexter. It's fun, it's sarcastic - totally my sense of humor. I think sometimes people read what I have said or written and think I'm bitchy and it's not that at all. It's my sarcasm and that doesn't always come through if you are not speaking directly to someone.

BB: So Tim doesn't look like Dokes?

JS: Laughs. No. I absolutely love that show though. Can't wait for the new season.

BB: It's actually one of mine and my wife Wendy's favorites as well and if you get the the book, Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

JS: I am reading the book! That's my treadmill book. I'm actually on the second one, Dearly Devoted Dexter. They've found the body on the table so don't spoil it - that's where I am at in the book.

BB: OK, won't spoil it...what internet sites do you browse on a daily basis?

JS: Perez Hilton, ESPN, BobsBlitz, Sports Illustrated, Deadspin and blogs. As long as I'm not the center of negative gossip - I really enjoy blogs. There was the guy who put out the All-Star list hours before it was officially announced. Everyone has friends or as they're known in the adult world - networks - as I wouldn't call everyone I get info from a 'friend' - so blogs are going to break things first sometimes.

BB: One last question and then we'll let you go. We have been chatting for 45 minutes and I had expected 5, maybe. Prediction. Will the Jets make the playoffs this year?

JS: Yes. The Jets, yes, we will make the playoffs this year. For once the story is not all Giants. There is a great buzz. Just the other day I went to a Lupus fundraiser - a charity the Jets are helping - and just the energy in the room was incredible. You had Mayor Bloomberg, Donald Trump, of course Brett Favre. The energy that has surrounded him and his arrival here is incredible. I have people begging me for my tickets and I have to say sorry buddy they're spoken for.

Jennifer and Jets Photographer Al Pereira courtesy of Jenn Sterger

BB: Welcome to New Jersey yet again. Thank you for taking so much time with us. I look forward to catching up with you on September 28th at the game. Keep kicking butt and enjoy the opener.

JS: I absolutely love New Jersey. I have a view of the New York Skyline. Hoboken / Jersey City is such a cute area. It is very safe. I love Washington Street - there are plenty of nice sports bars. I could eat at BlackBear 3 meals a day. Buffalo chicken sandwiches at 9am - I'm down for that.

BB: OK! So go to your photo shoot and we'll get one of the shots up when you get them over to me. Thank you so much for your time and thank you Roger for orchestrating. Good luck with the movie and the Gameday gig.

JS: Thank you and we'll see you on the 28th then!

The Blitz absolutely loved its time with Jennifer Sterger. She was smart, funny, sarcastic, and fun. We hope that some of the BS on the net is clarified and anticipate that she'll do a great job with the Jets this season. It certainly will not be the same ole Jets with Broadway Brett and the Broadway Bombshell.

We will have breaking news from Jennifer sometime in the next week announced here first. So check back soon. We'll also be putting up some of the audio from the interview in the next several weeks on YouTube so keep searching for Jennifer Sterger.

-Bob Mantz is available for freelance writing, reporting, and radio work.

Picked up by: just commented: "by the way, did you coin "Broadway Bombshell"? Good job if you did!" Yes...I did...thx!


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