Kim Kardashian, Alyssa Milano and Hollywood's Top 20 Sexiest Tomgirls

Pat Mixon@patmixonSenior Analyst IDecember 16, 2010

Kim Kardashian, Alyssa Milano and Hollywood's Top 20 Sexiest Tomgirls

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    There are countless slide shows available of sexy female athletes or hot celebs married/dating athletes. How many more of these can we possibly watch? (Well, don’t answer that question because it is still a lot. I digress.)

    But the Bleacher Report is all about the common fan, and the fan who knows their sport. 

    So, what about hot and sexy celebs who actually know their sport? And, not only know their game, but actually follow it, attend and are passionate?

    And, what if these women are actually sexy and beautiful?

    That's the goal behind this slide show. 

    I’m talking Hollywood stars of movies, TV or music. But I’m also talking about Tom Girls. 

    We all know the one. She not only is hot but can talk her game. You don't explain a three-four defensive package, she debates the merits of it with you.

    She not only knows the value of this year’s freshman class, but can tell you the top prospects the team has on their hit list for next season.

    She’s the one at the games screaming, yelling and waving her Terrible Towel. 

    That's what I”m talking about. 

    Oh, and by the way, she’s sexy, beautiful and hot.

    Got your attention yet?

    So, here’s the criteria I’m looking for. In order of importance they are:

    1. Hot.
    2. Star power/famous, big audience or something that makes her stand out.
    3. Really knows her sport. 
    4. Dedicated: either attend their sport or connected passionately to it.

    Here are Hollywood's Top 20 Sexiest Tom Girls:

#20- Sara Jean Underwood

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    She’s got el fuego sexy down. I mean, super sexy. But, Sara knows sports. Seriously.

    I know it’s hard to believe but she smoking and smart. The current actress and 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood had a busy 2010.

    She not only attended the Super Bowl last February to watch her good friend Kendra Wilkinson's hubby (Hank Baskett, Wide Receiver, Indianapolis Colts), but she loves college sports.

    As a devout sports fan, she’s out to help other women. So much so she practically invented the terminology for a "glam girl who loves sports."

    Now, Sara's a regular cast member on "The Girls Next Door” TV show. And, this Oregon State University alum has cracked the LA actress scene with her fresh face and sweet Northwest charm.

    Sara Underwood is absolutely Hollywood's rising star.

    A smoking hot star who knows sports.

#19- Audrina Patridge

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    The Hills star and Dancing With The Stars participant, Audrina Patridge's sport is, believe it or not, NASCAR. She has attended many a NASCAR event, including the Sprint Cup Series Pepsi 500.

    She's actually a fan and seems to know the sport. Plus, she's hot. She makes the list because of being a fan of a sport we wouldn't have expected.

#18- Sarah Jessica Parker

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    This quintessential New Yorker is a diehard Yankee fan. She'll not only be seen at games in October, but also Opening Day, as well as throughout the summer. Her love of baseball and the Yankees goes way back, even before she ever starred in Sex and the City.

    Some think she can be hot so that's why she only makes the list, but her love of baseball gets her a mention.

#17- Maria Menounos

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    TV show correspondent, actress (Tropic Thunder), and well-known Boston sports fan Maria Menounos is a real sports fan. Whether it's the New England Patriots or the Boston Celtics, Maria knows sports.

    She grew up in Medford, Mass. loving all things Boston in the sports world. Now, with her work in Los Angeles, she has trouble rooting for her beloved Celtics in the land of the Lakers, but she'll go to games wearing a Boston jersey and take the heat.

    That's a real fan.

    This past summer she said the following about Shaq going to the Celtics:

    "We know we're going to be back against the Lakers again and to have Shaq is just going to be such a big deal because of all the history between him and Kobe [Bryant] and him and the Lakers," she said. "He's going to be really helpful for us on the boards and what [Celtics coach] Doc [Rivers] is planning on doing with him is going to be really key."

    No doubt she's hot and knows sports.

#16- Fergie

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    Black Eyed Peas singer and sometime movie star Fergie loves Miami, the  Dolphins in particular, so much so she's gone as far as to own a piece of the team.

    She loves football and attends games, both at home and on the road.

    And, she'll talk the sport. She's not just hot but actually understands football.

#15- Gwen Stefani

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    Musician Gwen Stefani loves tennis. You'll find her not just at Wimbledon with her husband Gavin Rossdale, but tennis tourney's throughout the year, at places like Indian Wells. She's usually there to support close friend and pal, tennis legend Rodger Federer.

    There is "No Doubt" this Southern Cal girl also knows and follows basketball, especially her favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Lastly, Gwen might be a mom now, but she is hot and spunky.

#14- Lady Gaga

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    Believe it or not, Lady Gaga is a serious sports fan. Her main sport is baseball, but she also loves basketball, so much so she's attended the NBA Draft (wearing a Bill Laimbeer jersey of all things).

    Her style is to always wear a jersey and, once spotted by the crowd, flip them off.

    Her most famous attendance was to a Yankees-Mets game where Gaga gave the press a stellar quote in which she compared herself to Yankee closer Mariano Rivera.

    She also shows up at New York Met home games where she incites the crowd with her love of the Yankees. Born and raised in New York, she was a baseball fan before she was famous.

    She makes the cut because she's hot and loves baseball.

#13- Kim Kardashian

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    Former girlfriend of USC and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush.

    Kim knows and loves football.

    The hottest of her sisters, Kim simply sizzles. Who doesn’t love those dark looks and amazing curves?

    We’re not sure the depth of her sport knowledge so she only makes it this far on the list, but does it really matter? We don’t think so.

#12- Jessica Alba

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    Even post baby Jessica is still hot. She’s a California girl all the way, but just because she’s from a laid back state, doesn't mean she doesn't loves sports.

    She had Golden State Warrior basketball season tickets and was a dedicated attendee. Not sure how well she knows the game but, really, who cares?

    She’d be higher but we can’t help but remember her in her pregnancy pics.

    Now married, she attends Laker and even LA Clipper games with her husband.

    Oh well, we’ll stick with the unmarried version we like best, cheering on her Warriors as they upset the Dallas Mavericks a few years back in the playoffs.

    Overtime: Check this bonus video-


#11- Beyonce

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    Besides being married to a part owner of the New Jersey Nets, the wife of Jay-Z actually knows basketball. She was originally a Houston Rocket fan but now is all Nets.

    You'll also see her with and without Jay-Z at Los Angeles Laker games.

    She's not only at the top of her game in music, but has crossed over into film and found massive success. 

    She's hot and knows sport. Booty-luscious all the way.

#10- Gabrielle Union

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    She’s hot, an athlete and loves sports.

    So much so she’s recently been dating Dwyane Wade.

    While being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, she said she dated Jason Kidd in high school.

    Also, she was once married to NFL player Chris Howard. The couple married on May 1, 2001, but they became legally separated and the divorce was final in April 2006.

    But it's not just about dating athletes. Gabrielle is a fan.

    She can be found at plenty of Laker games, not just watching but talking the details. She knows the game.

#9- Cameron Diaz

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    We don’t even have to go into the hot department as this former model-turned-movie-star has sexy down.

    But she’s also a serious sports lover. She loves basketball and baseball. She'll also surf and snowboard.

    But I digress.

    Diaz played the Tom Girl everyone wanted in one of the funniest comedies of all-time, Something About Mary.

    And, don’t forget, she’ll kick butt Charlie Angel’s style if you piss her off.

#8- Michelle Rodriguez.

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    Can you say kick your ass? Really.

    Michelle will hurt you. And, don’t you just love the thought of that.

    This movie star comes across with sex and power. The former TV star of Lost, she’s the Tom Girl of Tom Girls.

    She’d beat up any other female on this list. But, on top of the feisty, she’s hot. And, she loves all things sports.

#7- Elisha Cuthbert

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    Cuthbert is an LA Kings hockey fan, as well as wife of Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player Dion Phaneuf.

    The former TV star on Fox’s 24, Elisha has also starred in movies where she was a porn star and other sexy roles.

    She’s hot. She loves sports. And, she was a hockey fan before marrying an NHL guy.

    You’ll also see her at basketball games as well as hockey.

#6- Hilary Swank

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    Massive LA Lakers fan; Swank even traveled to playoff road games in 2010.

    She’s A-list Hollywood and she can play sexy quite well.

    I’m not saying she’s smoking hot, but she can be very attractive. She’s this high on the list because she knows her sport.

    She’s passionate about basketball and the Lakers, in particular. We have a soft spot for that.

#5- Jessica Biel

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    A-List Hollywood actress who has the body and voice to raise your body temp.

    She’s sexy, hot and athletic.

    Plus, she doesn’t just watch games, she loves her sports.

    Basketball and the LA Lakers are her thing in the pro world, but don’t be surprised if she kicks your butt on a hike, bike ride or anything. She’s one of those competitor women. We like those.

#4- Kendra Wilkinson

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    Kendra Wilkinson's hubby, Hank Baskett (Wide Receiver), plays special teams for the Minnesota Vikings.

    But before Kendra married a NFL player, every other word out of this ex-Playboy bunny’s mouth was San Diego Charger football.

    The rest of the time she was talking sex.

    We like both of those attributes. Not only is she hot, but she is actually a skilled athlete and a true fan.

    She’s a true Tom Boy trapped in an amazing body. 

#3- Eva Longoria

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    Even with the split from San Antonio Spur Tony Parker, Eva still is a sport loving, hot Tom Girl.

    And, Eva was a Spurs fan long before Tony.

    She might have lived her fantasy for a while, being married to a hoop star on her favorite team, but she’s our fantasy because she is smoking and really does know what pick-and-roll is about.

    And, it’s not all basketball. She goes to French Open tennis, soccer matches and even boxing.

    She loves her sports. We love her.

#2- Ashley Judd-

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    Ashley's hot and a diehard University of Kentucky basketball fan.

    She’s at nearly every home game (in the student section!) and will travel to road games, especially come during March Madness. She can talk the game, too. She knows the top recruits—no program needed. She’s cooked dinner for the Wildcats and written about them in Sports Illustrated.

    And, by the way, she’s hot.

    She might not be the most well-known female on the list anymore, but her knowledge and love of the game (plus hottest) gets her this spot.

    She's textbook Hollywood-hot and really knows her sport. Even better than most UK fans!

#1- Alyssa Milano

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    First off, she’s hot. And, while she might be known on TV as a witch, in reality, she’s a sweetheart. This is the girl you'd take home to mom.

    But, you also take her to the bar to watch the World Series. She knows baseball. Seriously.

    So much so she blogs about her beloved LA Dodgers. Check it out at:

    She’s even designed a line of baseball attire for women.

    Oh, by the way, she likes football too, having attended the NFL draft in person. Awesome.

    Seriously hot and knows her sport better than nearly anyone. She's our number one. 


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